Report cards tell us a lot about how our kids do in school, but they don’t tell us everything. Recently, an Australian dad gave his daughter with autism a report card of his own and it’s gone viral.

Shane Jackson’s daughter, Sophie, has Autism Spectrum Disorder and brought home her academic report card from school with all D’s. Understandably so, Sophie was very distraught and claimed that she had “let everyone down.” Jackson highly disagreed and gave Sophie his version of a report card and we need a tissue, please!

Jackson highlights the many things Sophie deserves an A in, including being funny, fighting with the boys and our personal favorite, being the best daughter ever (of which she earns an A+!). He has received countless kudos via Twitter for encouraging his daughter on the real things that matter in life and for basically being the best dad ever.

After the outpouring of support, Jackson set up Sophie with her own Twitter account to showcase her artwork. As you can see below, she’s also taken to reporting on her dad too, with her own version of a report card for him!

Can we just say that we love his “B” in humor? Looks like Sophie keeps it real! She’s already set off posting pics of her own artwork and the family dog to her over 3,000 followers! Way to go, Sophie!

While her report card set off this chain of events, it looks like the outpouring of support from around the world has shown that the real things in life don’t have letter grades––and we couldn’t be happier.


––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Shopify Partners via Burst


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