So, your baby daddy wants to make a memory by tattooing his little guy or gal’s name on his arm? Okay. Plenty of parents have the name, birthdate or even footprint of their kiddo artfully etched onto their bodies forever. But one dad wins when it comes to awesome kid-inspired body art. Check out the absolutely amazing tattoo that Jess Koala of Black & Blue Tattoo created for one completely cool dad.

You’re pretty proud of your kid’s artwork. Um, yeah. Every parent is. And what do you do with those crayon drawings and finger paintings? You hang them on the fridge — of course!

Well, there’s a dad who stepped up the pint-sized Picasso art display game to a whole new level. Yep. He didn’t magnetize his kiddo’s drawings to the refrigerator. He didn’t even frame it and hang it on a wall. Instead, he had it tattooed onto his arm.

The adorable drawings are now colorfully inked onto the dad’s arm. The artist posted on Instagram, “So, Eric might be the coolest dad ever. He is having his daughters [sic] design his sleeve.” We totally agree!

Would you get your child’s artwork tattooed onto your body? Share your thoughts in the comments below.