Raise your hand if your dad, or your baby’s daddy, knows who Nick Jonas is. Even though you know, and every 12-year-old girl also knows, most dads are clueless. Hey, that’s totally normal. But for one dad, he got an education (more like a Jonas-cation) from his college-aged daughter. What happened? Check out the cuteness that is the dad meets Jonas story!

College student Deanna Hall, like many other college-aged kids, got a text from her dad. But this text was special. Hall’s dad was on a flight and noticed this younger guy sitting next to him. The man in the next seat over was dressed all in black. He had on a black hoodie, a black hat and sunglasses. The obviously famous person was, as it turns out, Nick Jonas.

Of course, the dad had no clue who Jonas was (other than some random guy on his flight). He did what any good dad would do. He texted his daughter. And hilariously his daughter texted back, “SEND PIC.” This was followed by, “TAKE A PIC WITH HIM. TELL HIM I LOVE HIM. GET AN AUTOGRAPH.”

Even though Hall’s dad didn’t get an autograph, he did get a super-cute selfie with the singer.

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