A genuinely engaged, honest and funny dad is probably the sexiest thing on the planet. If I was going to make a Sexy Dads Of Twitter Calendar (and I am seriously considering that), these would me my top candidates.

I want nothing more than to be best friends with this couple. We would have so much fun ruining out kids’ lives together.


Don’t all mammals lick their young? Newborns are kind of yummy aren’t they?


Kids really are little savants aren’t they? Mine can work the I Pads better than most adults, but poop their pants everyday still.


Dave for the win! Lying and manipulating your children are the cornerstones to parenting. Way to push that protein fella!


Yeah you are! You are her crust bitch for all the remaining days of your life. Don’t fight it. Just cut that crust and wait for her next demand.


This guy is funny and he vacuums. #winning. My kids have crawled around on our carpet and come up looking like Chewbacca from all the damn dog fur.


It’s probably Clash of Clans. I wonder if that game is raising the divorce rate. My guess is yes.


You win some, you lose some Eric. Kids are a real roll of the dice, aren’t they?


The important thing here is you are getting your message across loud and clear.  Now you can pull the “I told you so” card when someone breaks their neck.


I hear ya! If I have to spend the day looking for one more rogue Shopkin I am going to lose my mind!


Ha! Let me know which agency you all are going through.