Sometimes we like to take a break from pedaling around town, and pause to give you a peek behind the scenes. Father’s Day is here and there’s no better time to introduce you to the rad dads that sit behind the wheel at Red Tricycle. In the last year, we’ve had four awesome fathers join our staff. Meet Kevin, Ed, Craig and Eric. They love having fun with their kids and sharing their favorite things to do. Ride on, guys!

Kevin Collins, Chief Technology Officer


Kevin was recently hired to be our CTO and oversee the development of our upcoming Red Tricycle mobile app! Apart from all the swiping and clicking he’s been doing lately, he adores spending time with his daughter, Amy (2½). Top of their list of things to do is fly kites at the beach … followed closely by pretend camping. In honor of Father’s Day, they’ll be up for all kinds of fun and Kevin is sure it will involve an air pump. “It’s Amy’s favorite ‘toy’ right now,” he jokes. Kevin’s favorite part about being a Red Tricycle dad is the adventure of parenting. Cheers to that!

Ed Meagher, Vice President of Sales


Ed keeps the sales team ticking at Red Tricycle, and also has his hands happily full at home with three kids — Maggie (18), Rob (16) and Elizabeth (10), shown here with he and his wife, Sheila. Together, they love boogie boarding at Stinson Beach. For Father’s Day, you’ll find him there and also gardening and hopefully enjoying breakfast in bed! Ed’s favorite thing about working for Red Tricycle is its mission of finding fun things to do with kids, and thinks being a dad is the greatest honor a man can have.

Craig Zingerline, Senior Director of Product


Craig filled a newly created role at Red Tricycle — he oversees the look and usability of our site, newsletters and soon-to-launch mobile app (yay!). He moved to San Francisco with his wife and two kids, Damian (4) and Daphne (2). You can usually find him and the fam at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, hiking and going to coffee shops and playgrounds. For Dad’s Day, he’s got his eye on attending the Fairfax festival and having lunch out. Craig says that being a dad is “the most challenging but also rewarding thing that I can imagine” and that it’s hard to beat contributing to Red Tricycle’s mission of making parenting and being a kid more fun.

Eric Bassik, Chicago Account Manager


Eric rocks the kiddie scene in Chicago, where he handles local accounts. At home, he has lots to be excited about, too, namely his two kids — Emmy (2) and June (6 weeks). You can find him in Chicago playing around at Hamlin Park or enjoying the splash pad at Fellger Park. He plans to hit the many street festivals around town this summer and, when winter hits (ouch), you’ll find him at a neighborhood play cafe (Emmy’s favorite is Kookaburra in Lincoln Park). For Father’s Day, he’ll finish a lovely weeklong vacation in Fennville, Michigan, at a cozy, peaceful rental house. Eric’s favorite part of being a Red Tricycle dad is discovering the latest local places for kids.

Happy Father’s Day to our RT dads — and all you dads out there!

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