Eat a DQ Blizzard in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing! Dairy Queen is celebrating this major milestone with a crazy-cool colorful treat, and we’ve got the low-down on this summer sweet.

The Zero Gravity Blizzard is a space-age goody that comes with plenty of cosmic chill. Even though the official anniversary of the moon landing doesn’t happen until July, DQ has already added this magical pick to store menus.

So what can you expect from the Blizzard? To start with, it defies gravity. But then again, all Blizzards do—or at least should. DQ fans may already know the upside down offer that comes with the ice cream retailer’s Blizzard treats. To prove just how much these treats defy gravity, DQ promises to serve your Blizzard upside down or the next one free (at participating locations only).

Along with its gravity-defying ways, this Blizzard comes with Oreo cookie pieces, cotton candy topping, iridescent blue and black swirls and galaxy sprinkles. And that’s all mixed in with DQ’s delish vanilla soft serve.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Dairy Queen



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