Forget about just telling kids to be nice to one another. Schools are taking children’s mental health a step farther and introducing the Dalai Lama’s “Happiness Curriculum”. Yep, that’s right. This isn’t a math, science or reading curriculum. Instead, it’s a not-so-academic part of the school day that focuses on something that children so desperately need (and totally deserve)—happiness!

More than 800,000 Delhi students will participate in the “Happiness Curriculum.” And if you’re wondering what “happiness” means, especially in the sense of a school curriculum, the Dalai Lama tweeted (yes, tweeted) about it. According to a recent tweet, “While many people consider sensory experience as the main source of happiness, really it is peace of mind. What destroys peace of mind is anger, hatred, anxiety and fear.”

The Dalai Lama went on to write, “Kindness counters this—and through appropriate education we can learn to tackle such emotions.” Hmm. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

So what exactly is the “Happiness Curriculum”? Developed by over 40 educators, volunteers and teachers, the curriculum includes a weekly 45-minute “happiness period.” Students will also begin each class by meditating for five minutes. The goal here is to help children improve their mental health while understanding that something as simple as kindness can combat negativity, anger and hatred.

Now if only the “Happiness Curriculum” could come to America!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Sarah Jane via Pexels


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