There’s nothing like a new indoor spot just for kids. Lucky for families in the Dallas area, a brand-new interactive toy store has arrived, fresh from New York City, and it should be on your must-do list this winter. Welcome to CAMP, where kids can touch, taste, and play to their heart’s content. This unique experience has something for everyone, even parents (hello, cafe drinks!), so get ready to head to CAMP for an unforgettable day of fun. 

What It Is

CAMP is an interactive toy store that fuses rotating hands-on experiences (think mermaid walls, slides and musical bridges) with a toy store that has everything from unique toys you can’t find anywhere else to books, candy, collectibles and even some mainstream licensed products. The coolest part is that every few months, behind the secret door, the exhibits change, so there’s a good chance the whole space will look totally different with each visit. 

Why We Love It

Besides the interactive experiences, there are toys everywhere, and kids are encouraged to play, run and basically try out stuff while they’re in the exhibit hall. There’s also a craft area, and there are different projects every day (there’s an extra fee to participate) that run the gamut from holiday-themed fun to classic things like DIY unicorn nightlights. There’s also a cafe with coffee, ice cream from New York legendary creamery Ample Hills, plus, kids get a token upon arrival, which is good for one snack from the Kroger-sponsored snack center. 

Where It Is

Located in The Hill shopping center on Walnut Hill Lane, the impressive space is accessible from the North Central Expressway. 

9830 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231
(214) 612-0451


—Copy and images by Gabby Cullen



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