Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is getting its first one-hour movie!The Tiger family will soon be asking, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” when a new family moves into town. In the upcoming Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood movie, new neighbor Jodi Platypus and her family will settle into their new home as the newest character in the Kingdom of Make Believe.

The new addition will be a big change for Daniel and his family and friends, but the series hasn’t shied away from taking twists and turns like this one. Just a few weeks ago, Daniel’s mom made waves both on and off the show when Mom Tiger went back to work after having baby Margaret.

The Platypus family is a nostalgic nod for those parents who grew up watching Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. The Platypus family appeared on the original series, and for those not in the know, so did Daniel’s dad in puppet form.

The Platypus family won’t be the only trip down memory lane in the movie, which centers around what happens when Daniel meets three-year-old Jodi and helps her get used to living in a new place. The producers told USA Today that fans of the childhood classic will also recognize the movie’s opening song from the original series.

The movie will explore themes like getting to know someone who looks different and what it feels like to be the new kid. “We need today more than ever some of the lessons that Fred divined in terms of inclusiveness and community and what it means to be a good neighbor,”Lesli Rotenberg, senior vice president and general manager of children’s media and education at PBS told USA Today.

The new movie, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Won’t You Be Our Neighbor? will premiere on PBS Kids Sep 17. Two new episodes starting Jodi will air on Sep. 18 and 20.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: PBS Kids via YouTube



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