You don’t have to venture outside your house to take a trip to the museum––turn your living room in a prehistoric playland!  With the new Museum Alive app, David Attenborough will take your family back in time using the latest Unity AR technology.

Now you can use your iPhone to do more than scroll through IG or post pics of your kiddos on Facebook. If you have an iPhone 8 or up and use iOS 13 or iOS 14, you can blast into the past.

The Museum Alive app is a continuation of Attenborough’s BAFTA-winning Museum Alive film. Using AR (augmented reality) and spatial audio technology, the app magically transports users into a prehistoric experience.

Choose one of three photorealistic fossils to explore: A 300 million-year-old five-eyed fish-like Opabinia, a flying Diamorphodon dinosaur or the sabre-toothed Smildon. Use your phone’s camera to see the world through the eyes of your chosen prehistoric creature and learn about prehistoric life.

Creative and Technical Lead at Museum Alive production studio Alchemy Immersive, Elliot Graves, said in a press release, “We’re so proud to launch an app that can genuinely contribute to educating and inspiring children using immersive technologies. At a time when so many children are disengaged with learning, we really hope the excitement of bringing fossils to life in the home will provide a novel experience that showcases the potential of immersive story-telling within education.”

Graves continued, “We are particularly proud of the app’s visual quality and our distinctive approach to 3D menu design. Above all, though, David Attenborough’s captivating stories bring an infectious liveliness to this immersive experience that instantly makes it cinematic. You just won’t forget what it’s like to have a Sabre-tooth tiger prowl across your floor before pouncing on its prey – and we can’t wait to share what it’s like.”

Of the original 3D Natural History Museum Alive film and experience, Attenborough said, “It’s really exciting to take these stories and bring them to a new young audience via a digital platform which allows you to explore these extraordinary extinct creatures in a way people have never been able to before. I hope that it will make people think about these extinct creatures differently.”

Find Alchemy Immersive’s Museum Alive app in the App Store here!

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of Alchemy Immersive



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