As if David Beckham wasn’t already enough of a hottie, now he can also add that adorable dad-vibe thing that happens when a guy totally sheds any trace of macho-ness and gets all fatherly. The soccer stud isn’t posing in near-nothings or showing off his absolutely amazing abs. Instead, he’s on IG with his 6-year-old daughter Harper.

When your dad’s one of best-known soccer stars in the world, you’ve got some pretty high sporting standards to live up to. But maybe not. That is, maybe not if your dad is David Beckham.

Sure, he’s a major celeb and a top soccer player. He’s also kind of like every other daddy in the suburbs. Last week he posted pics of himself teaching his daughter Harper with the caption, “Someone’s ready for her first football lesson.” And Beckham’s photos of himself with his little girl are absolutely adorable.

He even posted a video clip of himself and Harper walking hand-in-hand and kicking the ball back and forth. Come on. You know we’re all ready for an, “Awwwwww!” moment.

There’s nothing like a super-hot guy being a sweet daddy. Hey, any dude can take off his shirt and flex. But it takes a special man to step up and truly care for his child.

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