Many kid goals sound something like this: “fly to the moon without a spacecraft,” “eat candy for lunch…and dinner,” or “never need to sleep again.” One can dream. But until pigs can fly, we came up with a list of more attainable (but just as fun) goals for your little one to accomplish before their 10th birthday without having to leave the earth’s atmosphere…or the DMV.

#1 Ride the carousel on the National Mall.

This three-minute thrill ride is a must-try for little ones. The decades old merry-go-round is the only one in the District with a view of the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building (definitely worth the $3.50 admission). There’s rarely a line, and it’s open during regular Smithsonian museum hours (10 am-6 pm), so kids can museum hop in between rides.


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—Besa Pinchotti and Ayren Jackson-Cannady

Photos courtesy of Besa Pinchotti, Wounded Warrior Regiment via Flickr, Heather W. via Yelp, Jenn Durfey via Flickr, available—photons via Flickr, Sonja Kueppers via Flickr, lee ekstrom via Flickr, Mister Furious via Flickr, Katie Campbell via Flickr, National Harbor, Jarrett Campbell via Flickr