Earlier this spring, the second annual Acton Children’s Business Fair of Washington, D.C. hosted more than 114 young entrepreneurs in Cleveland Park. The second largest entrepreneurship event for kids in the U.S., this one-day marketplace gives children ages 6 to 14 the opportunity to create a business, sell to real customers, and decide themselves what to do with the profits. In addition to selling their products, entrepreneur judges awarded thirteen $50 cash prizes for best businesses. Below we highlight five of these cool, local kid businesses.

Little Green Home
Avajane, Zoe, and Will won a Highest Growth Potential award for Little Green Home, a company that makes homemade bath bombs and practical household goodies with all non-toxic all natural ingredients. The trio knows these items can be purchased at your local store, but they also know store-bought products could have toxic and harmful chemicals. Their goal is to educate and introduce their version of these all-natural, non-toxic products to local families.

Places They Like in the DMV: Avajane loves all the Smithsonian museums, monuments as well as hiking trails around where she lives. Zoe loves to move around! She enjoys rock climbing at Earth Treks in Crystal City. Cactus Cantina is her fave restauraunt. Will likes to eat at Guapo’s! The Palisades Rec Center if his favorite place to hang out, he likes shopping for toys at Sullivan’s on Wisconsin Avenue and the Air & Space is his fave museum!

Happy Maker
Sixth grader, Sara Arlett’s business is called, Happy Maker (saramarlett@ gmail.com for inquiries). She uses clay and felt to make charms, key chains and earrings. She enjoys making jewelry because it allows her to be creative and at the same time relaxes her. She hopes to improve her design by diversifying her creations with other materials and also hopes to learn how to better promote her business via social media.

Places She Likes in the DMV: Sara loves the National Museum of Natural History where she can spend hours exploring rocks, bones, and fossils. The Spy Museum and National Gallery of Art are two other favorites. An avid read, Sara loves spending time at the MLK and Georgetown public libraries. She also has a special affection for her parish, St. Patrick’s Church, where she has volunteered for years. The Hamilton is her fave DC restaurant.

Lauren’s Edible Bites
Lauren began baking two years ago. She entered her first cupcake competition in 2015 and won first place! She knew then that baking was a hobby she needed to pursue. She was hesitant to join the Acton Business Fair but, with her parent’s encouragement, she entered and had a great experience with lots of sales. When she’s not baking, Lauren likes to make clay figurines, sew, and draw. Interested in placing an order from Lauren? Call 301.850.4307.

Places She Likes in the DMV: Lauren’s favorite restaurant is Sala Thai and she (hearts) sushi!  Her favorite place to visit is Make Meaning.

Joshy’s Soap Bars
Six-year-old Joshua, launched Joshy’s Soap Bars because he has very sensitive skin and can’t use a lot of the soaps found in stores. He wanted to make cool and fun natural soaps for every skin type.  His soaps come in different shapes and sizes and some even have toys in them!  Each bar of soap is made with organic ingredients like coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, vegetable glycerine, shea butter and jojoba oil.  They are all 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Joshua is in the process of setting up an Etsy store. In the meantime, he is accepting orders through their business email address: JoshysSoapBars@gmail.com

Places He Likes in the DMV: Joshua loves learning computer programming and robotics, reading, playing basketball and spending time with his family.  He loves trying new foods and going to Watkin’s Park

Lenee V Designs
Lenee V Designs was founded by nine year old Riverdale, Md resident, Laila Lenee Vidal. She designs cross body bags and hair accessories for girls. Laila took up sewing after observing her aunt sew and using her leftover scraps of fabric. Her parents bought her a sewing machine and the rest is history! Laila is a girly girl who loves to be adventurous and travelling. You can shop for her items on her Etsy page.

Places She Likes in the DMV: Laila loves visiting the monuments and museums in DC. She enjoys going to restaurants such as Olive Garden, TGI Fridays and La Chiquita. Her dream is to donate her headbands for girls who are ill whether in a hospital or recovering.

Do you know any other awesome kid entreprenuers? Tell us about them in the comments below.

–Guiomar Ochoa