It’s almost Halloween and while you and your kiddos could dress up as any goblin or ghoul, why not trick-or-treat with some hometown pride? We’ve got some locally inspired costume ideas that only district natives can truly pull off. Happy Halloween!

Photo: Aaron Hockley

D.C. So Classic
D.C. is known for its classic images. So, bring them to life! Tape a white stripe on a blue rectangle. Attached that to your shirt and suddenly, you’re the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Adorn you and your crew with flowers and walk the streets as the Cherry Blossoms. Or, go one step further and add a kite costume to bring the entire Cherry Blossom Festival to life. From a group of tourists to a collection of Food Trucks, the sky is the limit when it comes to personifying DC’s classic images with your family.

hot-dog-costumePhoto: Xi via Flickr

Foodie Fun
There’s the obvious—Half Smoke, Mambo Sauce, or anything from Ben’s Chili Bowl. But what about avocado toast? Cupcakes? Bao Buns? As a melting pot of some of the best food in the world, pretty much anything goes when you want to resemble something edible.

Photo: National Building Museum

Museum Inspired
We’re lucky to live so close to so many amazing museums. But locals know that beyond the space and history there are some stellar museums with truly innovative exhibits. Only those of us who live here could dream up a costume inspired by the National Building Museum’s Fun House (we’re seeing a lot of white balls taped over a white jumpsuit). Or how about a No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man get-up inspired by the Renwick Gallery? Take the idea meta and create your own Insta-fabulous museum costume to honor all of the amazing exhibits we see here.

abe-lincoln-costumePhoto: Laura via Flickr

Get Presidential
If you want to be truly presidential for Halloween, you have quite a few options to choose from (44, to be exact). Go historic with a Washington, Lincoln, or Adams. Or go obscure and teach your little one about Harrison (either of them), Tyler (got Congress to pass the annexation of Texas), or Hayes (the first president to use a telephone).


nats-fan-dcPhoto: Washington Nationals via Facebook

Sports Fan
Our very own Washington Capitals did, after all, bring home the Stanley Cup this year. So, keep the celebrations going and trick-or-treat as the cup, a fan, or Ovechkin himself. And the recent All-Star game at Nationals Park will have your mind wandering back to summer days for ballpark-inspired costumes.

—Tricia Mirchandani