Nothing says comfort like a warm tasty creation from Mom’s oven. A classic fave? The creamy, flaky goodness of pot pie. But if you’re like us, and your Mom’s kitchen isn’t exactly down the street, don’t fret. D.C. is a hotbed for bakeries and cafes that specialize in savory pies. One bite and you and the kiddos will think you’re hangin’ out in Grandma’s kitchen.

Photo: Livin’ the Pie Life

Livin’ the Pie Life
Run by two Arlington moms, Livin’ the Pie Life’s pies are homemade, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. In their brick and mortar shop on North Glebe Road in Arlington, the moms sell just as many savory pies (think: mac and cheese pie, chicken pot pie, and spinach and cheddar quiche)  as they do sweet pies. Check the company’s website before stopping by, where they post the pies currently available. ($29-$32/pie)

2166 North Glebe Rd. (Arlington, Va)

Pennsylvania Dutch Market
If you’re looking for something that will stick to your kid’s ribs, then the Chicken Pot Pie at the Pennsylvania Dutch Market should be at the top of your list. The flaky crust, big chunks of chicken and fresh veggies swirled in creamy gravy begs to be devoured. We can’t promise that Junior will finish his pie (they are super-hearty) in one sitting, but we can guarantee he won’t want to share his leftovers. (market price)

11121 York Rd. (Cockeysville, Md)

Not only is the name super fun (our little ones wouldn’t stop chanting it) but the Bacon, Cheddar and Onion quiche is so good, that you’ll want to order another the next day! Little ones will be excited to nosh on the “breakfast pie,” while mom and dad may want to try their hand at the Mushroom, Swiss and Shallot quiche. ($9/6″ pie; $24/9″ pie)

Multiple locations

Pie Sisters
If you are or were recently pregnant, you may already be familiar with this bakery—best place to fulfill a craving. Bring the little ones back for lunch and watch as they gobble up whatever you order, including the Chicken Pot Pie and the Country Tomato and Pulled Pork BBQ pie. Word to the wise: Order your own slice because the kids will not want to share. ($5.75/slice; $35/whole pie)

3423 M St., NW (Georgetown)

Kiwi Kuisine
If heading out to dinner isn’t really an option with your kiddos, then hit up Whole Foods for some Kiwi Kuisine. Not only is the name fun (the baker is a D.C.-based former New Zealand rugby player!) but the pies will have the kids begging for seconds. With choices like Steak Cottage Pie, Curried Chicken, and Spicy Vegetarian there’s something for even the pickiest palate. Since they’re already frozen, the pies are the perfect stockpile for snow days. ($6/pie)

Mulitple locations

Seasonal Pantry
Before you head out of the city, stop by Seasonal Pantry and grab a few pot pies for dinner. Little ones will gobble up the Chicken Pot Pie while you and the hubby can savor the Oyster Pot Pie. Made with Rappahannock oysters and parsnips you’ll be able to enjoy your grown up pie in peace, since the little ones will be too busy chowing down on free range chicken with a secret sauce to fight at the table. (market price)

1314 ½ Ninth St., NW (Mt. Vernon Sq.)

Dangerously Delicious

Owner Rodney Henry’s pies are inspired by two things: his grandma who he grew up spending summers with, and rock and roll music (he was the front-man for Baltimore’s The Glenmont Popes band). Grab a savory deep dish pie for a quick and simple dinner; kids will love the chicken pot pie or the ratatouille pie. Or, schedule a date night at the pie shop, where live music is a constant.

1339 H St., NE (H Street)

What’s the best savory pie you’ve ever tasted? Dish in the Comments section below.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady and Hilary Riedemann