Planning a birthday shindig is easy when the sun is shining, the air is warm, and kids and parents alike seem happy just hangin’ outdoors. But if a bouncy house and burgers on the barbie have you saying, “been there, done that,” then oh, do we have a list for you. These awesome outdoor birthday spots will put the thrill back into your kid’s birthday celebration, and not just the younger guests. Some of these venues promise to put a capital F in Fun for parents too!

The Go-Kart Track

Just the words Go Kart, will get your little one’s imagination going big time, and The Go-Kart Track promises to deliver a thrilling birthday ride. With three separate and unique tracks, there’s something for every driver’s style. The Junior Track is designed for the youngest drivers and features built-in safety measures, such as an automatic breaking system to minimize mommy’s heart attacks; the Family Track offers single and double karts so everyone in the family can take the ride together; and the Drift Track features adrenaline pumping engines with speed and power to satisfy the daredevil of the family (would that be Daddy?). Birthday Packages range from $179 - $375 and include pizza, soda, mini-golf, and time in the arcade.
10907 Pulaski Hwy (White Marsh, Md)

Do you have any outdoor birthday party places that you love? Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

—Tricia Mirchandani and Jamy Bond