Kids with summer birthdays have ice cream concoctions and popsicles to cool off. Which raises the question: What do little ones with fall and winter birthdays have to warm up their parties? Captain Cookie, one of the newest sets of wheels on D.C.’s food truck scene, is poised to become your kids’ favorite when he rolls up in his bright blue or yellow truck on a cold, winter day and shows off his super tasty super power—chewy, gooey, homemade cookies.

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The man in the mitten
The mild-mannered Man of Dough known secretly as Kirk Francis began making cookies when he was four, but his quest to perfect the chocolate chip cookie led him to quit his job and jump on the food truck craze, founding the Captain Cookie & The Milkman truck after buying an old Washington Post delivery truck in Delaware and converting it into a rolling paradise of cookie goodness.

Rates and fees
Captain Cookie’s high season is from May-October, when minimums are higher, but outside of those dates and on Sundays, the truck can be rented for a minimum of $200 in the DMV area, which guarantees enough tasty treats for 50 guests (including adults, don’t worry). Captain Cookie serves up all kinds of special flavors, including pumpkin walnut, nutella, cardamom and snickerdoodle, but Francis remains partial to the chocolate chip cookie he’s been making for nearly 25 years.

Get another taste
In case you want to sample the goods before booking the Captain for kiddo’s party, you can catch the Cookiemobile or the new Cookie 2 truck cruising the streets of D.C. and northern Virginia. Generally, the trucks can be found around Navy Yard, Farragut Square, Metro Center or Union Station, but check the web page or Twitter feed for to-the-minute locations.

Captain Cookie & The Milkman

Would you swap cake for cookies at your kids’ birthday party? Tell us why in the Comments section below. 

—Elliott Smith

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Donner