Sure, you have your solid-as-a-rock roster of go-to sitters, but when it comes to a last minute school or camp closure, emergency date night (cause we all need those, right?), or work event, you may be left stranded sans back up. Enter: Chime, a new on-demand babysitting service in D.C. that lets you instantly book a trusted, reliable sitter at any time and for any occasion. Here are a few reasons you should consider trying the service out.

18058792583_b58a070624_zPhoto: Caitee Smith via Flickr

It’s safe.
You could vet a sitter yourself by scheduling interviews, background checks and parent interviews, but why should you if someone else will do the work for you? Chime babysitters go through a detailed vetting process that includes an in-person meeting with the Chime team and background checks. The process is so rigorous that only 1 in 5 DMV sitters make the cut.

It’s super easy.
If you’ve ever ordered an Uber, you can find a sitter to watch your lil’ ones in a pinch. After creating a profile, that includes a little info about your kids, you search for a sitter based on the date you need care. Available sitters’ profiles pop up with video interviews. After booking a sitter (they rate is 16/hour in D.C. you can also pay them through the Chime site or mobile app.Flat, friendly payments are processed automatically via credit card.

It’s fun.
We’ve tested this out first hand–leave crying, cranky, or shy kiddos in the care of a Chime sitter and you’ll return to a happy (or peacefully sleeping) kiddo. The Chime sitters, who have experience with infants, babies, and kids of all ages, are known for getting down on the ground to play (some even bring their own cool arts and crafts bags to help ease the transition). Before you know it, your little one will be requesting that you take that date night!

Have you tried Chime, yet? Tell us about the experience in the commencts section below. 

 –Ayren Jackson-Cannady