About three and a half hours east of D.C., you’ll find the quaint town of Chincoteague, Virginia that’s a perfect getaway for a long weekend. The crisp fall air draws fewer crowds (and thankfully mosquitoes) but shops and wildlife on Assateague Island are still bustling. So grab your outdoors-loving family and leave the monoliths of D.C. behind—trade them in for a bed-and-breakfast on Chincoteague Island.

It’s all about the ponies, baby

Legend has it that a boat carrying horses from Spain sunk off the coast of Assateague hundreds of years ago, and they've been there ever since. Anyone who talks about Assateague Island (or Chincoteague Island, the neighboring island) will mention the wild ponies. Your best bet for spotting one is near the entrance of Assateague Island, across from Black Duck Marsh Pool. If the ponies are playing hide-and-seek, check out one of the many boat or bus tours.

Weren’t able to catch the ponies out in the wild on Assateague Island? Then head over to the Chincoteague Pony Centre to get up close and personal with domesticated ponies. Your tiny equestrian will love walking away with a ribbon after riding one of them.

Chincoteague Pony Centre
6417 Carriage Dr.
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336
(757) 336-2776
Online: chincoteague.com

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—Lisa Ng

Photos courtesy of Lisa Ng