Lose the stress of posed family photos and get creative with the latest craze: family selfies. The good thing about a family selfie is that you’ll no longer need a professional photographer and everyone still gets to be in the photo. You’re free to be goofy. Kids won’t pose or smile perfectly? Who cares, it’s just a selfie! Here are some hot spots for family photos, along with directions on ways to make the most of each shot.

Photo: S. Davis via flickr 

Washington Monument
Nothing says cool family on D.C. excursion” like a selfie with the Washington Monument in the background.

Selfie Tip: Distance! Don’t get too close or all we’ll see are white bricks. Also, try putting the monument to the side of everyone in the shot, this will avoid making it grow from the top of someone’s head (unless that’s what you’re going for). Probably the best spot is to stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

2 15th St. NW

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial with Fala
Capture your family’s puppy love through a selfie with of one of the most famous presidential pets, FDR’s beloved Scottish Terrier, Fala.

Selfie Tip: There is plenty of room to get the whole family around Fala for a selfie, and even include your own pets in the photo.

1850 West Basin Dr. SW

Albert Einstein Memorial Statue
Record your family’s love of thinking through a selfie with one of our ultimate thinkers, Albert Einstein. This charismatic statue outside of the National Academy of Sciences Building is fun to explore.

Selfie Tip: This statue is so big the whole family can climb up and find a cozy spot, and at least one lucky family member gets to sit right in the middle of Einstein’s lap!

2101 Constitution Ave. NW

Gravelly Point Park
This popular spot for picnicking and watching airplanes come in for landing at Regan National Airport is a great spot for a fun family selfie.

Selfie tip: If will take a few attempts before you’ll get just the right angle to capture your faces and a plane overhead, but keep trying. That’s the fun of it!

George Washington Pkwy. (Arlington, Va)

T Rex Dinosaur Skeleton
Life-sized dinosaur skeletons make cool pictures in and of themselves, but snapping a family selfie in the mouth of T Rex is super cool.

Selfie tip: The T Rex is posed in just a way that you can position the kids on one side of his enormous jaws while you stand with the camera on the other. It will look like he’s about to eat them!

National Museum of Natural History (10th St. and Constitution Ave., NW)

The Exorcist Steps
So maybe the kids are a little young to be fans of iconic horror films, but one day they will be older, and you’ll be able to pull out this family shot at the foot of the infamous staircase from the 1973 film The Exorcist.

Selfie tip: Take your photo at night when the streets lights glow from above the steps. Use the black and white mode on your camera for added creepiness!

Corner of Prospect St., NW and 36th St., NW (Georgetown)

Friendship Archway in Chinatown
Standing beneath this iconic feature of DC’s Chinatown makes for a dramatic family selfie.

Selfie tip: If you’re wondering how to get the whole family into the middle of a busy road for this shot, rest assured that the intersection is a four-way stop, allowing you to get into position safely for a few seconds.

H St., NW and 7th St., NW

The Bridge at Yards Park
The unique architecture of the bridge makes it a gorgeous selfie spot.

Selfie tip: Visit when a game is not happening and you’ll have the bridge to yourself. Stand at one end of the bridge and let it stretch into the sky behind you. If you time your shot for dusk, just after the lights of the bridge come on, you’ll have a gorgeous backdrop.

Water St. and 3rd St., SE

Blind Whino SW Arts Club Building
One word: color! A selfie anywhere in front of D.C.’s most colorful building will be one worth framing.

Selfie Tip: You can stand anywhere near this building and get a gorgeous rainbow of color as your back drop, but don’t just take your photo and run. Spend some time inside this urban renewal project which features outstanding art exhibits.

700 Delaware Ave., SW

Funky George Washington Mural
There are so many cool murals in Washington, DC, but nothing mixes history and color quite like this George Washington mural by artist MADSTEEZ in NoMa (north or Massachusetts Ave).

Selfie tip: Get some distance, this piece is big. Stand across the street, with the mural in the background.

331 N St. NE

Do you have a favorite family selfie spot? Tell us about it in the comments section.

–Jamy Bond