Mini pirates, train lovers, princesses, and dinosaur fans love love love their parties, but it’s sometimes daunting to make those Pinterest boards come to life–especially when it comes time for the all-important birthday cake. But, lucky for you we’ve rounded up some of the best homemade birthday cake builders in the DMV so that the amazing My Little Pony rainbow fondant cake can really shine at your party.

doll-cakes-girlPhoto: P.S. Cakes via Facebook

P.S. Cakes
Kiddos can get a super special treat when parents order their birthday cake from P.S. Cakes. The lucky birthday gal (or guy) can even help decorate it if they want! Sarah Savarie, baker extraordinaire, not only bakes and decorates amazing feats of culinary pleasure, but she’ll let your little one in on the fun! Between writing their name in fondant, making decorations and putting it all together, your birthday gal will have major bragging rights to a super tasty and uber creative cake.


del-ray-cakeryPhoto: Del Ray Cakery via Facebook

Del Ray Cakery
Rebecca Underly knows the diplomatic hurtles it can take to satisfy even the pickiest birthday kid when it comes to his big day. After all, she used to be the pastry chef at Blair House (that’s the President’s guest house, FYI) so compromise might be her middle name. That means your best birthday pal can have his cake and eat it too, even if he’s not a guest of the Prez. Whether it’s a dozen purple and green cake pops, a layer cake piled high with sprinkles, or a construction site for your best digger. Bonus? She can also do cupcakes and cookies if you just want finger food goodies.


just-ask-mo-cakesPhoto: Just Ask Mo Custom Cakes via Facebook 

Just Ask Mo
One word describes cakes by Just Ask Mo–fun and delicious and awesome. Okay, that’s more than one word, but we can’t help ourselves! These birthday cakes are as moist as they are beautiful. With renditions of flowers, princesses, dump trucks, power rangers, balloons and more, your creation is sure to dazzle the birthday kid and his friends.  Not only will the kiddos be begging for a second slice, the parents just might, too…


alexandria-cake-popsPhoto: Alexandria Cake Pop Company

Alexandria Cake Pop Company
Cake Pops are all the rage right now and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon. But if you’ve ever tried to make your own, you know the struggle it is to get just the right amount of batter and have it stay on a stick. That’s why we love Alexandria Cake Pop Company. They use a perfect combo of yummy frosting to tasty cake, ensuring that little ones (and big ones!) chow down on delicious, incredibly decadent pops. And because the “cake” comes on a stick, it’s super convenient and just the right size for mini-celebrants.


esquire-confectionsPhoto: Esquire Confections via Facebook

Esquire Confections LLC
Parents looking for the home in homemade with their birthday cake flair should ring Esquire Confections LLC, stat. Lawyer turned baker, Amanda Abraham designs confectionary treasures that look like your homemade cake had a baby with the Cake Boss. Meaning, they’re super cute and delightfully delicious. Whether your princess wants a Frozen-inspired triple decker fondant castle or you’re just out for a sweet Minnie Mouse smash cake, Esquire Confections LLC has you covered.


Children-Birthday-Cake16Photo: Julie Bakes

Julie Bakes
If you’re looking for a cake with pizazz then Julie Bakes is the place that can make all your birthday wishes come true. Whether it’s a chocolatey cake that looks like a candy bar, a poodle skirt, or even a guitar shaped masterpiece, Julie’s birthday cakes are guaranteed to be the biggest hit at your little ones party–besides the birthday boy of course!


kims-cakes-and-cupcakesPhoto: Kim’s Cakes and Cupcakes via Facebook

Kim’s Cakes and Cupcakes
For the sophisticated set, Kim’s Cakes and Cupcakes are the perfect recipe of moist tasty cake and wicked flavor combinations. Her birthday cake is a colorful confetti cake, but there are also choices like Banana French Toast (banana cake topped with cinnamon chips and maple syrup), Pina Colada Hawaiian Delight (a tropical coconut pineapple infused cake) and Pink Lemonade. So whether your kiddo likes plain ole’ birthday cake, or likes to live on the wild side Kim’s Cakes can bake up anything their little heart desires–including a Peanut Butter & Jelly cake. Yum.


Do you have a favorite home baker for your kid’s birthday cake needs? Dish in the Comments section below.

–Hilary Riedemann