This weekend is going to be so sweet! And not just because Fairfax’s annual Chocolate Festival is happening (yummy!). There’s also an amazing warehouse sale, a cool adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt going down. Enjoy every bite—er, minute—of it.

Photo: Fairfax Chocolate Festival


Nom Nom Nom! A Chocolate Festival for Families
Choco-holics won’t want to leave this annual chocolate festival at the end of the day. In addition to tons of samples up for grabs, cocoa-loving kids will find historic re-enactments (that involve chocolate…of course), a craft show, and an art exhibit featuring work made completely out of chocolateFri.-SunEvent Details.


15th Annual Alexandria Warehouse Sale
Ready to re-stock your freshly Marie Kondo’d closets? Check out the longest running designer warehouse sale in the region with clothes and accessories for everyone in your family. SatEvent Details.


Healthy First Saturday at Port Discovery
Hop, skip or jump over to Healthy First Saturday and find ways to get active as a family! Take part in programs that encourage children to get active, make healthy choices, and understand how our bodies work! SatEvent Details.


The Wizard of Oz
Rediscover the joy of following the yellow brick road with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion as they travel through the eclectic world of Oz. This one-hour, family-friendly adaptation of the classic tale by L. Frank Baum will have you singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” dancing with the munchkin puppets and clicking your heels all the way homeSatEvent Details.

National Mall

Toddler Trailblazers: Tea Time
More than just a tea party, this class will introduce toddlers to tea from around the world. Families will taste tea and learn about different tea drinking traditions. SunEvent Details.

The Wizard School Scavenger Hunt
Follow in the footsteps of young wizards on a field trip to the National Gallery in search of art that echoes characters, places and enchanted objects in the famed Harry Potter books and movies. Wizards and muggles alike can play and enjoy this hunt. SatEvent Details.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady