Of course we lovelovelove celebrating our kids’ birthdays; we just don’t always like the messes that come post-party. Enter: the party bus (and truck and limo). The DMV is full of parties-on-wheels that bring the festivities to you, and cart it all away when it’s over. Here are some of our favorite four-wheelers.


Xtreme Game Experience
Gaming extraordinaires might get heart palpitations when they see this birthday truck roll up. For starters, it’s more limo than truck, offers 50+ games (rated E to M) and has stadium seating for 26 people!! Twenty kids can play simultaneously while outdoor game stations handle another eight gamers. Mom and Dad can pick which games they want the partygoers (and parents) to indulge in. Who’s up for a round of Dance Dance Revolution?! Bonus: They even send out invitations for you!

Cost: $200 and up
Online: xtremegameexperience.com

Squeals on Wheels
You will win Mom (or Dad) of the Year when Squeals on Wheels delivers a barnyard to your backdoor. Whether your mini-farmer loves goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, llamas or anything in between, Squeals has just the right friends for your event. Junior might have to share the miniature piglet, but we bet he’ll be pretty happy when Sergio the hedgehog snuggles up for a bit. Pony lovers can even have a pony decorating party where feathers, beads, stickers and glitter are used to doll up “Captain Jack Sparrow,” “Tinkerbell,” or “Prince.”

Cost: $175 and up
Online: squealsonwheels.us


Bubbaville Fire Unit
Fire truck fans will sound the alarm when they see the Bubbaville Fire Unit outside their house. After calling out the birthday boy or girl and setting up a “safety zone,” recruits line up to try on bunker gear, sit in the captains seat and help work the lights and siren. Depending on the party, the Bubbaville Fire Truck also takes little ones for a ride around the block, complete with “firemen” on board. If it’s really hot out, the fire hoses come out and all the revelers can help “flow” the water and hose down the fire (i.e., the party!).

Cost: $250 and up
Online: bubbasfiretruckparties.com

Safari Ice
Non-bakers rejoice. The Safari Ice truck brings shaved ice and snow cones (year-round) to Little Miss’ birthday so there’s no need to fuss over baking a cake (errr, picking one up!). Safari guides come ready to help little ones at the “watering hole” choose from over 12 flavors to make the most delicious birthday snowcones! The watering hole comes complete with jungle music like Hakuna Matata, The Circle of Life and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Roooarrr!

Cost: Call for options
Online: safariice.com


Fun Bus
Fans of jumping, bouncing, sliding, swinging, climbing and more will be so tuckered out after a run through the fun bus that they’ll have to slide down the chute at the back of the bus to hurry home for naptime (just kidding…sort of). This real life school bus has been filled with padded and safe equipment (no seats!) to help kids of all ages have a funtastic time. Goodie bags, T-shirts and surprises are all part of the party—including a Fun Bus T-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. This is one bus stop they’ll be wide awake at.

Cost: $300 and up
Online: funbuses.com

Bear Bus
Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages…get ready to board the Bear Bus! This all inclusive bearriffic bus pulls out all the stops to build cuddly, lovey, super sweet bears for each partygoer. Each kid can make his or her own bear starting from the “bear skin” to the stuffing to the “bear wear and accessories.” This is sure to get all of the little ones ohhing and ahhing over which bear is their favorite while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Cost: Call for options
Online: bearbus.com/nova

Have you booked a kids party with any of these vehicles? Tell us about it in the comments section below.  

—Hilary Riedemann

Photos courtesy of Bubbaville Fire Unit via Facebook, Xtreme Game Experience via Facebook, Fun Bus via Facebook