Keep the winter blues at bay with these winter activities you can enjoy from your home. From a Nickelodeon-led workshop where you can make-your-own slime to a free virtual puppet show that teaches toddlers and preschoolers about the importance of safety, these online classes and events will fill your weekend with fun while you stay cozy at home. Read on for what’s happening virtually this weekend below.


photo: Kiana Bosman via Unsplash 


Get Slimed! 
Let’s explore the Science of Slime! The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and Nickelodeon are joining forces to bring you a kid-friendly exploration of goo, with virtual tours, videos and experiments to do at home. Discover how different species use slime to survive, from squid ink to snail trails to bubble-blowing insects. You will never see nature’s sliminess the same way again! Sun. Event details. 

Tune in to a Musical Podcast for Kids
What Will She Do Next? is a musical podcast for kids that celebrates key moments in the lives of history’s greatest women. The educational and entertaining series also features bite-sized biographies with no singing or actors that are perfect for bedtime. Activity details. 

A Virtual Safety Fair for The Littles 
Habitot’s Annual Early childhood Safety Campaign is going virtual. You won’t want to miss these funny and informative videos and kid-friendly puppet shows from safety experts. Log on to this free virtual fair and be sure to enter a chance to win toddler and preschool bicycle helmets, hand-crank radios, first aid kits and toys! Fri. Event details. 

Explore the Wonders of Wildlife Thru Tech
In this fascinating talk, Dr. Dave Thau, Global Data and Technology Lead Scientist at WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), demonstrates how cutting edge technologies such as AI, Big Geospatial Data, and Remote Sensing are used to protect forest and wildlife. Join this fun and informative talk to learn more about how scientists study nature and check out some tools that let your nature loving child explore on their own. Fri. Event details. 

Habla Español?
Learn Spanish with Espanol Latino  (Language and Culture) In this class, students will learn about different Latino and Hispanic cultures while incorporating the Spanish language. Children will be exposed to different fun experiences while learning Spanish, like listening to songs and watching educative videos showcasing different backgrounds and traditions that are essential for each respective culture. Sat. Event details. 

Map Out Your Hometown 
Inspired by Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar’s A Logo for America, this workshop focuses on creating woven paper maps of our hometowns, celebrating all of the places that we call home. This class is presented predominantly in Spanish while providing translation to English as needed. Sat. Event details. 

—Meghan Yudes Meyers