Editor’s note: Given the event in the Capitol this week, there is a Public Emergency Order in place until 1/21/21 which may impact in-person events. Stay safe & call ahead to confirm all in-person events are still happening as scheduled.*

Embrace the winter weather by spending this weekend outdoors. Take a simple walk through the woods and play I Spy with the winter wildlife or go for a spin on the ice (there are a number of ice rinks open this season). Want to stay warm indoors? Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame’s not-to-be-missed Shel Silverstein art and song even (bonus: it’s free!). Scroll down for more ways to spend a brrrrrrisk weekend in Washington, DC.

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Pen Your Own Light In the Attic 
Shel Silverstein is most famous for writing and illustrating children’s books, but did you know he also wrote songs that were recorded by many outlaw country musicians? A Country Music Hall of Fame museum educator invites kids to explore the exhibit Outlaws and Armadillos: Country’s Roaring ’70s and listen to poems from Silverstein’s collection, A Light in the Attic. Inspired by his whimsical writing, kids can draw an illustration along with visual artist Britt McDermott and learn to write a poem in Silverstein’s style. Sat. Event details. 

DIY Your Own Philippine Star Ornament
The Philippine Parol is a star-shaped lantern widely celebrated as a symbol of Christmas time. In this free activity, you can make an easy parol ornament using household and recycled materials. Fri. Event details. 

Find Your Family Zen
Learn how to meditate with one of the teachers from the San Francisco Zen Center. This virtual session for beginners will introduce you to the benefits of meditation, which can help settle the body and mind amid the swirl of daily life. Sitting in a balanced posture creates a steady calm that, with training, can become the way you meet whatever arises. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and find a good place to sit, or lie down, during the session.  Sat. Event details. 

Celebrate the Japanese Culture
The Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington is expanding its cultural programming with the debut of the Japanese Winter Fun Book, a new booklet of Japanese cultural activities kids can enjoy this winter. In the booklet, readers can learn games, crafts, recipes and how to bring in the New Year, Japanese style. You can order a hard copy for $5 or download the PDF version for free. Fri.-Sun. Event details.


Make a Figure-Eight on Skates
Get ready to strap on a pair of blades and hit the ice. We rounded up the best places to have a family skate-off. Our top pick? The brand-new Color Burst Ice Rink which promises a skating experience set to vivid colors. Activity details. 

Become a Visionary
There is no time like the flip of the calendar to jump start new dreams and chase new year goals. Map out what 2021 looks like for you and your family with a vision board. Our tutorial walks you through the easy-process so you can have a visual guide to a better year. Activity details. 

Take a Winter Walk
Grab the binoculars and head outdoors. One of the best times to spot wildlife is in the winter. We rounded up the best places to take a winter walk in and near DC. Activity details. 

Just the Facts, Ma’am
Do you have a pint-sized sponge that loves to absorb facts and trivia? Reach for the stars and brush up on all things astronomy-related. Or reconnect with your inner-mammal with animal factoids. We’ve got you covered with a list 101 of our favorite facts for budding minds. Who has the best memory in the family? Find out when you follow this fun read with a family trivia night. Activity details. 

— Meghan Yudes Meyers