This weekend was made for exploring. Go nose-to-nose with an animal, travel the world to get your passport stamped, and then settle in for DIY pizza time for dinner. Read on for more safe and socially distanced ways to keep kids entertained.

photo: Chevanon Photography via Pexels

Grow a Garden
Make dinner a farm-to-plate experience with veggies from your own backyard (or windowsill). For inspiration on what to grow, check out these favorite ingredient staples from DC chefs. Activity details. 

Field Trip Friday
School is out for the summer, but field trips are still fair game. Take part in Atlanta’s Field Trip Fridays virtual event on social media starting at 10 a.m. each week on Facebook and Instagram. Discover a world of WOW filled with dinosaurs, artifacts, live animals, hands-on science, giant screen movies and 75 acres of outdoor adventures. Fri. Event details. 

Join the Circus with a Stuffy
This virtual class will include using stuffed animal buddies as tools/partners to introduce object manipulation skills, balance, and games. Circus in comfy pj’s, onesies, and other cozy clothing is encouraged. Fri. Event details. 

Species Spotlight
Did you ever want to meet a real live animal up close? Now’s your chance! Virtually, of course. Join the Center for Aquatic Science’s educators, Michelle and Jennie, on Sat. at 1 p.m. as they introduce a live animal and share some cool facts. Where? On the Center for Aquatic Science’s Facebook page, @CenterforAquaticSciences. Come ready with questions, comments, and more. Sat. Event details. 

Get Your Passport Stamped
Go on a passport stamp hunt through Spanish speaking countries while you learn about geography, landscapes, culture, and art. Recommended for kids 6 & up. Sat. Event details. 

Pizza, Pizza (and Dessert)!
It’s a party! Families customize two pizzas to enjoy – one traditional savory pie and one super-sweet and silly to serve as dessert!  This class focuses on age-appropriate themes and educational concepts in a fun and flavorful fashion for children ages 2 & up, while sharing tips to engage family members of all ages. Sat. Event details. 

Get Crafty with Socks
Learn about historic 18th century dolls from the character actors at Colonial Williamsburg then sit down to craft one of your own. Sun. Event details. 

Listen to the Wind
You don’t need to hit the craft aisle at Target for this DIY project. Dig through the recycling bin to make one of these 12 wind chimes. Activity details. 

—Meghan Yudes Meyers