Bubble up some fun this weekend in the spirit of National Bubble Week! We’ve rounded up the best bubble-inspired party ideas, tracked down the ultimate homemade bubble solution recipe, and rounded up the top bubble blowers for an all-out bubble-tastic weekend. Sat., Mar. 20 also officially kicks off spring 2021. Get in the spirit of all things blooming and bright with a flower-themed story time, a unicorn dance party and virtual gardening lessons. Have a bubbly, flower-filled first day of spring!

photo: Rui Xu via Unsplash 


Make-Your-Own Bubble Solution
On our list of timeless traditions that never go out of style: sidewalk chalk art, jump rope, and blowing bubbles. Entertain your kids and teach them about the science of bubbles today. We found a great bubble recipe, which uses ordinary household items that you likely already have on-hand. Activity details. 

Throw A Bubble-Themed Bash
From a bubble-themed activity station to a bubble ball pit (filled with clear vinyl bubbles), we’ve rounded up the best ways to throw a bubbling bash. Activity details. 

Get Bubbly Outdoors
Bottom line: bubbles are magical and mesmerizing. From The Gazillion Bubbles Tornado to the Fubbles No Spill tub, we’re ready to gear up for a bubble-filled spring with push along toys, extra-large wands and seriously awesome bubble making machines. Activity details. 


March of the Flowers
How do flowers attract pollinators? How do seeds form? And how do flowers lift the human spirit? Learn the answers to these questions in these three books during virtual story time at Seattle Arboretum’s Miller Library.  Fri.-Sun. Event details. 

Unicorn Dance Class
Sparkles the Unicorn Princess will read about Razzle and Dazzle the two friends on a mission to save a rainbow that has lost its colors! Expect to wiggle, giggle and groove with Sparkles while learning new dance steps. Fun for minis 2-7 years old! Fri. Event details. 

Virtual Garden Festival
Chicago’s City Grange wants to help you get your garden off to a great start this spring. The Great Grow Along is a three-day virtual garden fest, Mar. 19-21, designed to help gardeners learn, connect and grow. The festival features 40+ sessions with passionate authors, speakers and influencers sharing what they know to help your 2021 garden flourish.  Fri.-Sun. Event details. 

—Meghan Yudes Meyers