Tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll may be just as hard to score as a meeting with the POTUS himself. But don’t fret, your little bunnies will have plenty of fun at these egg-cellent alternatives. Grab a basket and your “I spy” eyes to find as many eggs as you can. And if hunting isn’t your sport, swipe a paintbrush and some glitter—an egg is just waiting to be your canvas.

Real Egg Hunt and Decorate at Meadowside Nature Center

This unique event involves searching the meadows for unpainted real eggs. Find as many as you can and then little Van Goghs can decorate their collection afterwards. While freshly painted eggs dry, stretch those weary fingers (and legs) on eight miles of nature trails. Did you see a wild bunny?

When: April 18, 11 am-11:30 am
Cost: $8 (registration required)

5100 Meadowside Ln. (Rockville, Md)

Where do your kids do their Easter egg hunting and decorating? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Lisa Ng

Photos courtesy of Lisa Ng, Madame Tussauds DC via Facebook, Journey’s Crossing Church via Facebook, nabeel h via Flickr, Smithsonian National Zoo, voicewisdom via Flickr, Herald Post via Flickr, Pinstripes