The side effects of cabin fever aren’t pretty—uncontrollable whining, jumping on (and off) couches, and spinning in circles. We all know that a fast fix for “the fever” is a good run around a playground. Fall days are some of the best for one of these awesome spots.

Clemyjontri Park

Its name might be hard to pronounce, but this park is as user-friendly as they come and a great pick for any season. Clemyjontri is designed to welcome differently-abled children, offering a range of specialized equipment and colorful, appealing play spaces for children of all types and ages. The four outdoor play "rooms" surrounding the central carousel offer so much engagement that kids won't even have time to think about getting cold as the weather turns.

6317 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia

Where do your kids go to get the wiggles out during the fall? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Katharine Gustafson

Photos courtesy of madziaw2003 via Flickr, Corbo E. via Yelp, rvwjr via Flickr, Davies M. via Yelp, DC Tots