We live in one of the country’s fittest cities, so it’s no surprise our kiddos are following suit of their get-up and go grown-ups. Just look at all the My Gym and Little Gym locations in the D.C. metro area. (That would be 15 and 17, respectively, within a 100-mile radius of Capitol Hill.) But dance, gymnastics, soccer and tee-ball aren’t the only ways to get kids moving. Here are six places outside the (sand)box.

lil-ommPhoto: Lil Omm via Facebook

Stretch Limits at Lil Omm
Founded in 2008 by a local mom, this yoga studio focuses on community, encouraging budding yogis to have fun while being healthy. Classes include Family Yoga, 45-minute sessions broken down by age that give parents and kids a chance to get centered together. Other options are kids-only. Babies can get in on the action, too, through Itsy Bitsy Yoga.

Cost: Range from $20 for drop-in classes to $300 for a 20-class pass
4708 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Online: lilomm.com

Playing Outside the Box at Blue Box Sports
Got a sports enthusiast? No need to wait until he or she can join a league sport. Kids from 18 months to 6 years have been getting a leg up through Blue Box’s developmental basketball, baseball and soccer classes since 2006. Classes meet in 12 locations around Virginia and D.C. Sessions typically run eight weeks.

Cost: starting at about $12 per class
Online: blueboxsports.com

break-dancing-lab-dcPhoto: The Lab DC via Facebook

Breaking it Down at The Lab DC
Ballet, tap and jazz—been there, signed up for that. But breakdancing? That’s a new spin. The Lab DC is the first in the area to specialize in the format popularized in the 1970s and ’80s. Lil Breakers is for kiddos 2.5 to 4 years and focuses on fundamental techniques and skills that build strength, coordination and gross motor skills in addition to fostering teamwork.

6925 Willow St., N.W.
Online: thelabdc.com

Shimmy Your Sillies Out at My Gym
Turns out the popular Latin American dance-based Zumba classes aren’t just for adults. Boys and girls ages 4 through 12 can work their way through movements step by step before putting them all together during the 45-minute Kids Zumba classes.

Cost: $40 for four weeks
9566 Burke Rd. (Burke, Va)
Online: mygym.com

the-n-zonePhoto: The N Zone via Facebook

Variety is the Spice of Life at the nZone
Can’t pick just one? Get a Kids Fitness Membership here and try Animal Yoga (ages 2-5), Tough Kids Bootcamp (ages 6-12) or Cardio Craze (2-5 years). Bonus: Adults can burn their calories here, too, at yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes.

Cost:  $30/month or $20/month with an adult membership
14550 Lee Rd. (Chantilly Va)
Online: thenzone.com

Self-defense, Israeli Style at Roundhouse Krav Maga
Developed for the Israeli military, “contact combat,” as krav maga translates to, pulls from boxing, judo and other forms. Kids Krav Maga teaches kids how to protect themselves against unwanted physical contact by other kids and adults.

9190 Red Branch Rd. (Columbia, Md)
Online: roundhousekravmaga.com

Do you have any favorite kids workout spots? Tell us in the comments. 

–Stephanie Kanowitz