We are big fans of any coffee shop that loves and welcomes kids. But sometimes–if we’re being completely honest–kids don’t reciprocate that adoration. You know, those mornings when you really need to sip and savor a strong cup of joe, but your little one is kicking and screaming in the middle of the cafe so you just guzzle and go. Those are the times a roaster would come in handy; they’re large, loud, and look super-neat. Luckily, the D.C. area is home to several local coffee roasters that are open for little ones to ohh at while you ahh at your cuppa.


Vigilante Coffee
Things get busy at this coffeehouse fave for teleworkers. Come with kids in the early morning or just after lunch. Have your crew look for “Little Red,” a Diedrich IR3 roaster (pssst! it’s just behind the bar, so the roasting process is easy to check out.) If you have non-walkers in strollers or carriers, come by on Fridays at 1 pm for free coffee cuppings where you can broaden your coffee IQ and try a few different coffees at one time.

4327 Gallatin St. (Hyattesville, Md)
Online: vigilantecoffee.com


Compass Coffee
Started in 2014 by a couple of former Marines, Compass Coffee now has three locations throughout D.C. To get a peek at their top-of-the-line Loring roaster, however, swing by the 7th St. location. The roaster, which is visible in another room, from the main cafe, is no joke as it can roast up to one million pounds of coffee a year! While your little one scopes out the Loring, you can sip on java roasted a few feet away. Now, that’s what you call local.

1535 Seventh St., NW (Shaw)
Online: compasscoffee.com


Cervantes Coffee
What’s better than a coffee shop with a roaster? How about a coffee warehouse? Cervantes Coffee offers regular public tours of their Springfield, Va. warehouse. In addition to the Saturday or Sunday, hour-long tour, the fee ($50 for grown-ups, free for kids under 12) includes coffee tastings and a half pound of coffee that you’ll watch get roasted.

7644 Fullerton Rd. (Springfield, Va)
Online: cervantescoffee.com


Swings Coffee
You don’t have to fold up your stroller before strolling into this spacious Del Ray coffee bar. There is plenty of room to roll your way from checkout to the big glass wall where kiddo can check out the roasting process. If you’re inspired to learn  more, come by on Fridays at 10 am for free cupping sessions. Bonus: There’s a YMCA, basketball court, and playground across the street, perfect for burning off the last of those a.m. energy fumes.

501 East Monroe Ave. (Alexandria, Va)
Online: swingscoffee.com

Have you visited any of these local coffee roasters with your kids? Tell us about it in the comments section.

–Ayren Jackson-Cannady