We’ve all heard the amazing stories about Rose’s Luxury and how worth the wait it is, but to a hangry munchkin, any extra minute away from food is akin to torture. So if you’re keen to check out Barrack’s Row without a hangry meltdown, we’ve rounded up the most satisfying spots for all cravings: brunch, sweet tooth, dinner plate and more. Read on for some palate pleasing and kid-friendly eateries.

Medium Rare
Medium Rare might be one of the hottest new spots for xenophiles to indulge their love of steak frites, but it’s also a super fun brunch place. Especially for your sidewalk chalk loving kiddos – and it won’t break the bank. Their prix-fixe menu features a bottomless brunch (think mimosas, bloody marys, coffee, OJ) so ask for a seat in the back near the gigantic chalk board and you can munch in peace while the kids exhibit their inner Kurt Wenner (America’s premier sidewalk chalk artist). Our mini taste tester devoured her French Toast, while our partner in crime raved about his steak frites. Win win all around.

515 E. 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Online: mediumrarerestaurant.com


photo courtesy of Medium Rare

Zest Bistro
If the fam has made a commitment to green living this year, and they love to try new food, then Zest might just become your fav neighborhood spot. Not only are the tables made from reclaimed wood, but the flooring is bamboo, the paint non-toxic and the heating and plumbing are energy efficient. So you can enjoy the pickled Broccolini and Soy Ginger Salmon at tables that could tell quite a story if only they could talk. Kiddos who aren’t quite ready to share your kale salad can grab some traditional noodles and nuggets to keep their bellies from rumbling.

735 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Online: zestbistro.com


photo courtesy of Zest Bistro

District Doughnut
I hate donuts said… no kid ever. Hit up District Doughnut and fill their little bellies with tasty flavors like Brown Butter (this put District Doughnuts on the map!), Blueberry Almond Cream, Cookies and Cream, and Snickerdoodle. There’s not much to the shop except the tantalizing aromas of fried dough, puffs of powdered sugar and the happy silence of kids whose mouths are filled to the brim with chocolate covered crispy, gooey deliciousness. Naturally, we can’t wait to go back.

749 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Online: districtdoughnut.com


photo courtesy of District Doughnuts

For the hotdog loving kiddo, head to DC-3 and become the world’s coolest parent.  With toppings like Cheese Whiz, Neon Chicago Relish, Cincinnati Chili and Sport Peppers, the little ones will get a frankfurter like they’ve never had before. And love it. The vegetarian crowds can order a veggie dog and get all the fixins. After they’ve chowed down on their dog, kids (and parents!) can get a soft serve ice cream cone with free toppings. And those of us that have a thing for deep fried Oreos – no longer will we have to wait till the county fair stops by town. Fried Oreos are on the menu – and delish!

423 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Online: eatdc3.com

Kids Bday Party

photo courtesy of DC-3

Ted’s Bulletin
Black and white movies on a projector, milkshakes, homemade pop tarts, toys for the kiddos, what else could you want for an outing with the family? Ted’s Bulletin has something for every kid – big and small. From a “millionaire malt” made with Glenlivet to a PBJ milkshake everyone’s sweet tooth will be satisfied. The baby will be entertained by the toys and you can sit back and enjoy the view – your big happy family – together and having a blast.

505 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Online: tedsbulletin.com 

Bulletin Exterior

photo courtesy of Ted’s Bulletin

The Sweet Lobby
Cupcake and macaroon lovers rejoice! Now you can satisfy your kiddo’s sweet tooth and indulge in the crispy deliciousness of a macaroon at the same time. The Sweet Lobby’s Mac Top features a delectable cupcake topped with frosting and a macaroon. Be still our beating hearts. We tried to share this with our miniature cupcake lover, but were rebuffed. So we just ordered our own – that’s how tasty this little gem is. We also shared a cup of their famous European Hot Chocolate, which our tiny date remarked was “the best thing ever.”

404 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Online: sweetlobby.com


photo by Carla Simsc via The Sweet Lobby

Did we miss your favorite Barracks Row spot for delicious eats? Share them in the Comments below! 

— Hilary Riedemann