Awesome! Your kid wants to take up tumbling (and be the next Nadia Comaneci…snatch!). Not so awesome—the closest in-gym lessons aren’t so close, and getting there involves creeping down the interstate during rush hour. Lucky for you, the D.C. area is full of instructors that will come to you. That’s right! Whether your little one wants to learn with her friends or go at it solo, these classes—from gymnastics to cooking—are taught in the comfort of your own home.

gymnastics-lesson#1 Power Tots
Running, jumping, climbing, bouncing, tumbling—sound like your little one? Need a nap just thinking about how active Junior is? Fear not Mama (or Papa); Power Tots is here to channel your hype kiddo’s overabundance of energy. Certified gymnastics instructors will come to you and not only teach the little backflipper how to cartwheel perfectly and balance, but they’ll also learn fine motor skills, colors, shapes, muscle groups and the “power of a positive attitude.” Now that’s cause for celebration.

Ages: 18 months-12 years
Contact: 301-392-0187


#2 Tiny Chefs
Pint sized kitchen helpers aren’t always so helpful (hello, flour bombs) but they usually give it the old college try before getting kicked out. For those little chefs that just won’t give up, surprise them with their very own cooking class. Instructors at Tiny Chefs show up with their own supplies, food…even a portable oven! Kids learn how to measure, combine, sift, calculate and follow recipes so that sometime in the near future, your little Ratatouille can handle dinner while you enjoy a glass of vino.

Ages: 3 years and up
Contact: 301-841-7395


#3 Breathing Space
If you find yourself chanting “omm” and wishing your kids would simmer down while you try and grant yourself inner peace, it might be time to introduce them to the calmer things in life. Don’t stress if you can’t quite gather up the brood for a formal yoga class. Breathing Space Family Yoga will bring the mats to you! Taught by certified yogis, your little ones will be doing pranayama and downward dog before you know it. Bonus: Breathing Space offers birthday parties and events so little ones can relax and you can have fun. Or is it the other way around?

Ages: 0 and up


#4 Happy Swimmers
For the lucky guppies with a built in pond, swimming every day is a treasure sure to be missed come winter. In the meantime, if your little fishy needs a few more pointers on keeping those fins above water, check out Happy Swimmers where your own fishbowl becomes ground zero for back floats, freestyle and vigorus games of Marco Polo. Happy Swimmers will have your little guppy graduating to a Marlin and jumping into the deep end before you know it. When the pond’s frozen over, you can just move your lessons to a nearby indoor pool and continue the fun!

Ages: 0 and up
Contact: 202-657-4124


#5 Tippi Toes DC     
Sometimes even Angelina Ballerina needs some dance lessons. Tuttis, leotards and legwarmers (they still have those right?) will help your little princess look the part, and Tippi Toes will make sure they can dance just like a real life ballerina. Whether your little dancer wants to learn ballet, jazz, tap, or even hip hop, Tippi Toes will ensure their footwork is footloose and fancy free so that they can twirl around and around and around. Bonus: they also do princess parties, so little fans of Angelina Ballerina and Sophia the First can feel like true royalty on their special day.

Ages: 18 months – 12 years
Contact: 202-527-9089


#6 Excite Soccer
World cup fans will scream for joy when Coach Alan shows up at their door to kick the ball into the onion net (that’s soccer slang for goal). A former pro soccer stud with Sheffield Wednesday (just a skip across the pond), Coach Alan will help your little mid-fielder, goalie or fan to start playing “the beautiful game”. Tactics, techniques, rules and lessons from the pitch will have your little soccer star yelling “goal!” before the clock runs out.

Ages: 3 years-18 years
Contact: 703-845-0250


#7 Classic Tales ‘N Tunes
Book lovers and music enthusiasts rejoice! Classic Tales ‘N Tunes combines a love of music with a love of reading to teach little ones through the expressive arts. Kids will learn classic rhyming songs, American Sign Language, Spanish, and more via sing alongs, storytime, puppet shows, props (think tunnels, parachutes (!) etc.). Your house will be transformed into a learning zone, and the kids won’t even know it!

Ages: 0-5 years
Contact: 703-848-9808

Has your little one taken any neat in-home classes? Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

—Hilary Riedemann

Photos courtesy of Hilary Riedemann, Breathing Space DC via Facebook, Power Tots via Facebook, Classic Tales ‘n Tunes via Facebook, Tippi Toes DC via Facebook