Who doesn’t feel like the family Uber from time to time — shuffling kids from music lessons to doctors appointments to sports practice?! Our cars get a lot of wear-and-tear (especially in beltway backups…ugh!) and when that check engine light goes on, well, suddenly you’re an Uber for your own car, too. But you don’t have to be! Enter VTA Valet, an on demand car valet service that makes bringing your vehicle to the repair shop–and waiting around for hours–a thing of the past.

21538819248_4f53d53673_zPhoto: David D via Flickr

A Brilliant Mom Idea
Julie Holmes, founder of VTA Valet, understands the after-school scramble; she’s a DMV mom to four kids (1, 4, 6 and 7) who is always on the go (think swimming, soccer, playdates and more!) Holmes  — in partnership with Virginia Tire and Auto — has created an on-demand valet service for your car. Sure, you could call a mobile car service to repair your vehicle in your own driveway, but these yesteryear conveniences still leave you carless and tied to the repair person’s schedule.

Like Clockwork
VTA Valet will pick up and return your vehicle at a location convenient to you, so you can have them swing by your son’s Saturday baseball game for the keys and then meet them for the return at the after-game pizza parlor. If your repairs are running behind, no worries; the service keeps customers up-to-date with real time alerts via text or email so you can plan a new point of rendezvous. This is all possible because in addition to taking this task off your hands, they leave you with a loaner car. Could it be any easier? Currently, VTA Valet is only available in Northern Virginia, but there are plans for expansion.

Unbeatable Price
This hassle-free, turn-key (literally) luxury service comes at the whopping price of $15 (plus the cost to service your vehicle). Yup, for fifteen buckeroos you can have someone pick up your car, drop off a loaner and keep you in a real-time loop on the status of your vehicle. We’re pretty sure that’s cheaper than an Uber!

Online: vtavalet.com

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— Meghan Meyers