Whatever notion you’ve held of a kid play space–perhaps it’s one filled with plastic toys, a trampoline in every corner, and a ball pit…OF COURSE–think the complete opposite, and you’ve got Nook. The brand new family hangout in Arlington, Va. is synonymous with cool, calm, and collected. It bucks the overstimulate-to-wear-’em-out trend (as much as we appreciate those options, too), while still managing to be an engaging experience for little ones. Bonus: It’s interior is the perfect backdrop for some killer mama-razzi shots.

play-bannerBack to the Basics
The concept for Nook came from owner Maria Vogelei’s experience of taking her two-year-old to different play spots in the area. For her, they all seemed to offer similar things (we’re looking at you ball pit). She wanted to see if she could apply the concept of good design to create a 3200 square foot play space that encouraged more imaginative play in a relaxed, parent-friendly environment.

Goin’ High Tech
Parents/care-givers check their children in on iPads when they get to the space. This allows Nook to track the number of kids at play in real time on their homepage. Parents can check on the home page before a visit to see how crowded Nook is (ummm…genius!). You can keep it old school by purchasing a day pass ($20) on site, but all families are encourage to save time by registering online at home. news-page-banner

Parental Perks
While the space is designed for the 0-4 set specifically, parents and caregivers aren’t an after thought. Nook designed the space in neutral tones with modern amenities to create a relaxed space for parents and caregivers to engage their kids in play. There’s also a parents lounge with complimentary coffee and free wi-fi. Families can bring in outside food and they also offer complimentary snacks and water for kids.

events-page-bannerParty Central
Just in time for your fall/winter birthday kid…the base price for private use of the entire play space and party room is $475. Families can also purchase party packages that include food (for parents and kids), cake, dessert, decorations, and a craft activity (a hands-on activity that each party guest makes and can take home). Party packages are offered by gender neutral theme like: Safari, Space, Superhero, Little Chefs, and Pajama Party.

What’s Next?
The sky is the limit for this new kid on the block. But word is that they will be adding a story time and music hour. Also special events are on deck–lookout for a Santa visit soon.

5649 Lee Hwy (Arlington, Va)
Online: playatnook.com

Have you visited Nook yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. 

–Ayren Jackson-Cannady