Kids are natural gardeners. Think about it: they love spraying water anywhere and everywhere, worms are majorly cool to them, and they don’t mind getting a little–or a lot–dirty. So it makes total sense that the United States Botanic Garden would want to update and open their Children’s Garden just in time for the warm weather season. Put on some play clothes and go check it out!

What’s old is new again
This isn’t just a place where beautiful things grow. The updated space comes with specific built-in features the encourage kids of all ages to explore and flex their imaginations. For example, there’s a series of terraced platforms that create a climbing structure with interactive panels that show-off the diversity of plants representative in the garden. There’s also a leaf trellis, watering can seats, a kiwifruit tunnel, toadstool seats, a digging area and dandelion sculptures that sway when the wind blows (!!).

Look familiar?
If you’ve visited the Children’s Garden in the past, you’ll be pleased to learn that some of the previously added favorites remain. The motion-activated misting poles, watering and planting stations with digging tools and watering cans, and small-sized banana, apple, and fig plants–all of this is still intact and ready to be explored by your crew.

Save the date
Help kiddo take his or her Children’s Garden visit to the next level by returning to the garden for one of their kid-themed events. On June 25 you can learn about gourds from the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra, sing songs and get gourd planting secrets. Next up, on Aug. 13, you will discover all of the plants that are involved in making a chocolate chip cookie. Come with an apetite!

100 Maryland Ave. SW
Open: Daily, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (Children’s Garden, open May-Oct.)

Have you checked out the Children’s Garden yet? Tell us about your visit. 

–Ayren Jackson-Cannady