Finding new lunch snacks to surprise your kiddos with is always a challenge, but these homemade snacks will totally make their days while also supporting local businesses. And who knows—you might just end up buying a few for your own brown bag, too!

sunfire-girls-kale-chipsSunfire Girls
Don’t let the word “chips” scare you—the Sunfire Girls sell dehydrated, not baked or fried, kale chips, which are loaded with Vitamins B and C to help maintain nutritional value. Bonus: the dressings they toss the chips in come in flavors like Ancho Chile and Coconut Lime and are all vegan and raw. Handmade in Chevy Chase.



Number 1 Sons
Instead of using vinegar as their pickling agent, Number 1 Sons puts their cucumbers into a barrel with salt, water and spices. Not only are the pickles tasty, they are a natural probiotic, which helps your kid’s digestive system by replenishing the natural flora inside the belly. This year, their cucumbers came from Spring Valley and Bigg Riggs in West Virginia. In addition to their many pickle varieties, they have other types of fermented foods such as kimchi and kraut. You can find their stand at farmers markets in D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. Handmade in Lyon Park. 



Michele’s Granola
Your kids better watch out—once you taste this granola, you might want it all for yourself. Michele’s Granola is handmade from 100% organic whole grains, and comes in five regular flavors as well as seasonal varietals (did someone say Pumpkin Spice?). You can buy bags of the granola online, or from farmers markets or stores near you.Handmade in Timonium, Md.



Teeny Pies
If you’re looking for a sweet treat to surprise your kids with but don’t want to actually spend hours baking your own, Teeny Pies is a great alternative. This little company specializes in artisan sweet and savory pies, which come in 4” ‘teeny pies, as well as 9” regular pies for the sweet varieties. They use locally sourced produce, and a family recipe for the whole wheat crust. These pies can be ordered online and picked up at several farmers markets, as well as delivered (for 5 or more pies). Handmade in NoMa. 



2 Armadillos
Not only does 2 Armadillos, a crispy chickpea maker, have the best name ever, but their snacks are vegan, all natural, and sugar and gluten free. They do all the work for you, putting their four flavors—Rosemary, Spicy Cayenne, Tomato Basil, and Cinnamon Toast (yum!)—into 32 lunch-ready 1 oz. snack packs. Use their online locator to find a store near you, or order online for $5 shipping. Handmade in NoMa.


Though everything on PollyStyle’s artisanal snack menu looks delicious, the graham crackers are already a proven hit with the under-10 set. With just a bit of local honey and cinnamon, your kids will love the sweetness of these biscuits, and you’ll love the price: $6.75 for a dozen. You can find PollyStyle snacks at stores near you or online (we see you adding that curried cashew brittle to your cart!). Handmade near Rock Creek Park.


Have you tasted any delicious, locally-made snacks? Dish in the comments section below. 

—Kelly Ann Jacobson

Photos courtesy of Sunfire Girls via Facebook, Number 1 Sons via Facebook, Michele’s Granola via Facebook, Teeny Pies via Facebook, 2 Armadillos via Facebook, crimfants via Flickr