In case you forgot, the Vistaprints and Shutterflies of the world are here to remind you that the magical season, where you send well wishes and season’s greetings, is just around the corner. If you’re dreaming of a family photo worthy of that discount code (and the gold foil upgrade!), check out this list of tried-and-true locations favored by some of the area’s most popular photographers.

Spot: Howard County Conservancy

Find It: 10520 Old Frederick Rd. (Woodstock, Md)

Why It's Great: "The Howard County Conservancy is one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot. It's been tried and tested with so many of my clients and never disappoints. Light is such a defining factor in great photography, which is one of the best things about this location. The sun sets over the conservancy and provide me with that beautiful end of day golden glow to really make my clients' photographs stand out from the rest. It also offers a variety of backdrops, from a historic barn, rolling hills and trails and acres of tall grasses. It gives kids room to explore and be kids which allows me to take a step back and capture the family in their element."

Yasmina Cowan, Photographer

Where do you snap your holiday images? Tell us in the comments section below.

–Meghan Meyers