Halloween in D.C. brings on a plethora of politically-inspired costumes and tiny tots are not exempt from that scene. Don’t be basic just because it is an election year. Look beyond the Donald and Hillary this All Hallows Eve and dress your kid in a D.C.-style only a native would know. Click through the slideshow to get inspired.

Doors Closing

We might like to complain about the metro like it is our hobby but a tot decked out as a metro sign post is sure to bring chuckles all through your trick or treating. So take your pick on whether you are Gallery Place or Metro Center. Get a little political and pick a stop on purple line.

Do you have any D.C.-centric Halloween costume ideas? Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

—Victoria Mason

Photos: Karl Johnson via Flickr, Flo’s shots 4 me via Flickr, Target.com, Gordon via Flickr, Jill Watson via Flickr, EaglebrookSchool via Flickr, Mount Vernon