With three international airports in the DMV-area, there are plenty of hubs for families to choose from for spring break travel. But, Reagan National (DCA) leads the pack (by a long shot!) in kid-conveniences. For starters, the Metro stops smack dab in the middle of the airport’s B/C Terminal, allowing you to go from stroller to checkpoint to gate without batting an eye. Here are four more reasons to love DCA.

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#1 The views are stunning
It’s the windows that DCA is most proud of. Kids love posting in front of them to watch the planes and the ground crews in action. Look closely—from some of the windows you can even see the monuments and the top of the White House! Stroll from one end of the airport to the other to check out the views and burn off some of Junior’s energy before boarding.

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#2 There are places to picnic
Don’t worry about shelling out for airport food. Historic Terminal A has an old lobby that houses a cute museum exhibit about the glamorous days of travel. This huge, empty space is a perfect spot to let the kids run wild, in between noshing on a packed picnic.
#3 Two words: family restrooms
A whopping 17 family restrooms are conveniently located with the other bathroom facilities. All are stocked with changing tables and extra square footage for all the little ones and their bags. The ability to lock the family in and not have to deal with the rest of the traveling world lets everyone focus on the task at hand.
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#4 There is a cool park nearby
Flight delayed and kids are restless? Don’t stress! Gravelly Point Park is just outside the airport at the foot of the runway. The main draw is the vantage you have to watch airplanes take off and land (every few minutes). But, there are also trails to walk or jog on, a boat pier to wander around, and plenty of patches of grass to kick a ball around.
Reagan National Airport
2401 Smith Blvd. (Arlington, Va)
Online: metwashingtonairports.com/reagan
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—Sonya Gavankar
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