Ordering a pizza for a family with more than one kid can be complicated. One tyke wants cheese only, one wants pepperoni and sausage, and you want a pie topped with a slew of veggies. Enter PizzaPass, a new concept pizzeria in downtown Bethesda, where everyone gets what they want—and then some–without breaking the bank.


Think Brazillian BBQ…but with Pizza
If you’ve had a working lunch at Fogo de Chao in D.C. or date night at Chima in Tyson’s Corner, you already know how PizzaPass works. The restaurant was inspired by those and other area Brazilian steakhouses—instead of racks of meat, unlimited pizza is passed through the dining room so that everyone can get what they want. If ordering a pizza per picky kid feels played out, PizzaPass is totally worth a visit. The price is fixed at $14 for lunch and $18 for dinner, half price for kids 6-10 and free for kids younger than 6.


Pass the Veggies
While Junior would have you believe that he can, indeed, survive off of pizza alone, you know better. The unlimited offerings include a build-your-own salad and pasta bar with fresh ingredients and house-cooked proteins. If you or kiddo prefers spaghetti primavera to sausage pizza, opt for the unlimited salad/pasta bar option ($10 for lunch and $12 for dinner, half price for kids 6-10 and free for kids younger than 6).

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By Request
The hybrid New York-Chicago style pizzas include a thinner crust slow cooked at 550 degrees so the ingredients (there are 33-plus toppings) bake into the pie. And, if your crew takes a liking to a particular flavor combo—the best-selling Taco Pizza, with seasoned ground beef, salsa, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and tortilla chips, for example—waiters know to offer more of the same or something similar. No pizza place would be complete, though, without a carryout menu. PizzaPass’ includes signature and build-your-own pies for $16, and customizable pasta dishes for $10.95.


Chef it Up
After everyone has had their fill of pizza, pasta, and salad, kids can get in some pizza tossing practice. A couple of rubber pizza doughs are available for kids and parents to chuck in the air. The “throw-dough” is often used by the restaurant’s pie-makers before and after hours, so that they can sharpen their dough-flattening skills without worrying about ruining a meal.


Park It
With a small parking lot next door, a paid parking garage across the street and plenty of side street parking, getting the kids in and seated is a cinch. The breezy parking situation also makes the restaurant’s curbside pick-up, for rainy or polar vortex-y days, a quick and simple option. Want to make a family day or birthday party out of your visit? Imagination Stage (a kid theater), Studio Neptune (a DIY art studio), and Bach to Rock (a music school) are all just blocks away!

4924 St. Elmo Ave. (Bethesda, Md)
Online: pizzapass.net
Cool concept, right? What is your favorite place to grab a slice? Tell us in the comments section below. 
—Ayren Jackson-Cannady
Photos courtesy of PizzaPass via Facebook