If you’re aching for a good old fashioned game of skee ball (or dreaming of the fun little prizes you can get with all those tickets), then we have the list for you. Duck into one of these local arcades and introduce your kids to the joy of PacMan as you relive your pinball wizard days.

14555681596_f2a0685be5_zPhoto: Matthew Peck via Flickr

Kid Junction
Think of Kid Junction as your little one’s introduction to the game world. Smaller versions of arcade favorites like skee ball and air hockey are great for early motor skills and good for at least an hour of fun on a rainy day. If the arcade games don’t hold much interest for your tots, make your way over to the tubes and slides or toddler area instead.

4090 Lafayette Center Dr. (Chantilly, Va)
Online: kidjunction.com

Monster Mini Golf Video Game Arcade
At Monster Mini Golf’s video game arcade, everything glows. Literally. Get ready to play glow in the dark games for an assortment of glow in the dark prizes. Newer games mix with old ones and you can even try your hand at a few prize cranes. When you’re done, gather your group for a game of Monster Mini Golf which is also, you guessed it, glow in the dark!

9116 Gaither Rd. (Gaithersburg Md)
Online: monsterminigolf.com

Stampede Arcades at Adventure Park USA
Perhaps one of the largest in the area, Stampede Arcades boasts 110 different games ranging from classic favorites to new gaming innovations. Both the game room and redemption counter have something for everyone. When you’re done gaming, check out the park’s other attractions including laser tag, a ropes course, and a climbing wall.

11113 West Baldwin Rd. (Monrovia, Md)
Onlined: adventureparkusa.com

Central Park Fun Land
With no admission fee and free parking, not to mention, pinball, space invaders and the Terminator, Central Park Fun Land can be a great place to spend an afternoon. Choose from hundreds of games and prizes or check out the spot’s other indoor rides and attractions like bowling, rock climbing, and laser tag.

1351 Central Park Blvd. (Fredericksburg, Va)
Online: centralparkfunland.com

VUK Pinball
While typically offering more of a bar scene, this new pinball and pizza spot in Bethesda opens on Saturday and Sunday mornings to host kids’ birthday parties.

4924 St. Elmo Ave. (Bethesda Md)
Online: facebook.com/vukpinball

Do you have a favorite local arcade? Share the deets in the comments below.

–Tricia Mirchandani