Roller skating might seem like a relic of a bygone era, but this fun-for-all pastime is still going strong in the D.C.-area. Get your roll on at these area rinks, where there are plenty of kid perks to go around…and around.

Lanham Skate Center

This well-kept facility offers open skate sessions, theme nights, and birthday party packages. The regulars bring roller-skating into the modern era, with speed and hip, infectious music. But don’t worry if you or your pint-size spinner are still beginners—there are starter classes at the rink every Saturday morning.

Cost: $6.60- $10, depending on the session; $3/skate rental

9901 Lanham Severn Rd. (Lanham, Md)



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—Katherine Gustafson

Photos courtesy of Skate Zone via Facebook, Skate N Fun via Facebook, Lanham Skate Center via Facebook, nalundgaard via Creative Commons, stevendepolo via Creative Commons