Sometimes kids’ birthday parties make you want to pull your hair out. Other times they make you want to sing—especially when you bring along one of these fabulous guests to keep the party rollin’. Here are some of the District’s best musical performers who are just waiting for their invite to kiddo’s next big bash.

rainbow-rockPhoto: Cameron Whitman

Rainbow Rock
Princess Fiddlesticks, Captain Toe Tappin and the Rainbow Lady are a few of the members of this group that will rock your socks off. They perform both classic and original kids’ songs (like, “The Squirrel in the Cupcake”) and bring instruments for themselves and for the party goers to play-along.

Ages: 0-8
Cost: $300

Baba Ras D
Want some inspiration as your kid blows out his birthday candles? Baba Ras D’s theme is that all good things happen when people pull together. Nobody is able to resist getting up and dancing while he plays the djembe drum and promotes learning through music.

Ages: 2-10
Cost: $200/half-hour; $250/45-minutes

mr-knick-knackPhoto: Mr. Knick Knack via Facebook

Mr. Knick Knack and the Brick-a-Brack Band
The name may sound gimmicky, but Mr. Knick Knack is just a regular guy with a guitar that kids love to listen to and sing along with (doesn’t get more basic and birthday-tastic than that). His 50-minute show includes interactive story books and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ that all the party guests can’t help but participate in.

Ages: 1-7
Cost: $199

mr-hysonPhoto: Leroy Hyson

Mr. Hyson
This former teacher will have your party singing the happiest version of the blues you’ve ever heard. He’s a musician with a message, including tales about friendship and hard work. The kids dance along and then get to play instruments and become part of the band themselves.

Ages: 4-10
Cost: $260

mr-gabePhoto: Mr. Gabe via Facebook

Mr. Gabe
This former stay-at-home dad turned musical performer will keep your kids singing along “until they’re ready for a nice, long nap,” he says. Mr. Gabe performs everything from Ba-Ba-Black Sheep to songs off of his CD, “Playdate.” You can either book him on his own or with his band, the Circle Time All-Stars.

Ages: 0-6
Cost: $175-$225

Accelerandro Music
During a party with Miss Katie, a certified music teacher, kids are lead through 45 minutes of musical play activities that are not only out of this world fun, but downright educational (don’t worry, they won’t know they’re getting a lesson!). The fun includes fingerplays, group drumming, and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing.

Ages: 1-10
Cost: $175

Did your favorite birthday musical performer make this list? Tell us about them in the Comments section below.

—Besa Pinchotti