Sometimes comfort food is the best remedy to life’s crazy roller coaster ride. Lucky for you, it’s not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen chopping veggies, simmering broth and perfecting seasoning to get the perfect pot of soup. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest (pun intended!) spots to grab a bowl of tasty, savory slurp-y goodness. Read on as we take you on a ride to find your favorite new haunt to warm up during these blustery, cold, warm (?!) winter days.

Photo: Alice Keeler via flickr

Soup Up
Fresh. Flavorful. Healthy. Sound delicious? Our little taste-testers slurped up bowls of this stuff (we did too) and yours will too. Even if they are picky eaters. With options like Butternut Squash Red Lentil, Jamaican-Style Curry Chicken and Shrimp and Grits (to name a few) there really is enough to satisfy any palate. What’s souper cool about this joint? Families watching their meat, gluten and dairy diets can all come together to enjoy a satisfying meal without worrying about complaints, whining and leftovers. And, if your crew needs a little something extra to go with their bowls, the Roasted Sweet Yams & Apple spring roll was worth buying two so you don’t have to share!

Union Market
1309 5th St., NE

Little slurpers will have a ball at Souper Girl. Not only does it have a super hero-esque name, but the menu is totally rad. Whether your mini-Shera is a hard-core chicken soup lover, or wants to branch out (our hero loved the White Bean Roasted Carrot Za’atar) she’ll have lots of energy for saving the world when she finishes her bowl. If Mom and Pop want something a little more adventurous they can order a Kale Barley Date salad or Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Sandwich to go with their bowls. After all – kiddos want to eat everything that isn’t on their plates right? Wink, wink. Bonus? Soups are available for takeout (and also at some local grocery stores) so if you’re racing home after a long day and want to spend more time playing Shera and He-Man …visit Souper Girl for extra energy.

314 Carroll St., NW
1829 M St.

Photo: 100 Bowls of Soup

100 Bowls of Soup
For families on the go, 100 Bowls of Soup is the place – it sells more than 25 different soups all packed up and ready to slurp at dinnertime, lunchtime, snack time, or let’s be honest – anytime! We grabbed Beef Bolognese, Cuban Black Bean, Moroccan Stew and Parsnip Apple Ginger last week and our super sophisticated peanuts (aren’t they all) are already begging for more. Varieties change daily as each soup is made from scratch on the premises. Little soup crazies might be bored running errands, but since the store is open space, they can watch some of the chefs prep ingredients and cook the broths in person. So don’t be surprised if they actually like running this errand.

279 Sunset Park Dr. (Herndon, Va)

It might not be spelled the same, but don’t count out Zoup for tasty, delicious and flavorful helpings of warm and delightful goodness. After listening to our little ones fight over who could order what soup, we’re pretty confident your mini-UFC fighers will do the same. And really, with flavors like Potato Cheddar, Italian Wedding with Turkey Meatballs, and even Rattlesnake Sausage Stew (!!) who can blame them? And, the Rattlesnake Stew got the thumbs up from our lil’ taste-taster. One of our favorite parts of Zoup is their School Night – where up to 25% of the nights profits are donated to a local school (you have to request yours). Soup, family time and giving money to a good cause? We call that a win, win.

21435 Epicerie Plaza (Sterling, Va)

teds-bulletin-soup-tomatoPhoto: Ted’s Bulletin via Facebook

Ted’s Bulletin
This kid-friendly, all American bistro on Barracks Row is the place to go if you’re looking for familiar kid-pleasing staples. The World’s Best Chicken Noodle might be just that, and then there’s Ted’s much talked about “Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Combo,” loved by kids and adults alike. In addition to a rotating daily soup special, there’s always the option of a hearty, steaming bowl of Stovetop Chili. It’s the perfect cure for hungry kids on a cold day.

505 8th St., SE (Capitol Hill)

Baltimore Soup Company
Baltimore Soup Company is perfect for those family outings where everyone wants something different. Mini-foodies can gulp down steaming bowls of creamy lobster bisque, while picky Pete devours the Chicken Pot Pie. Mama can have a cup of Hearty Vegetable and a Napa Valley Salad while Pop noshes on a Turkey BLT and Potato Bacon and Leek soup. There are multiple locations in and around Baltimore, but each one features a clean, fast-casual spot perfect for your boat of crazies to land after a long day traipsing around the merry state of Maryland.

3 W. Chesapeake Ave. (Towson, Md)

Photo: Sprig and Sprout

Sprig & Sprout
Winter might have us craving warmth and sun, but if you can’t get away, then head to Sprig & Sprout in Glover Park and introduce your little travelers to some steaming bowls of Pho. Whether they’re picky eaters and want to build their own Pho bowl or love to order big girl items off the menu, they’ll be gulping, slurping and downing the tasty broth and then asking for more. Kiddos will love customizing their orders by asking for extra noodles, a runny egg, shrimp and even spicy sauce. And really, who wants to stop their kids from using such creative taste buds?!

2317 Wisconsin Ave. (Glover Park)


Across the street from Cleveland Park’s Uptown Theatre, Ripple is known for serving delicious seasonal soups. If your kids are adventurous, they can try the Sunchoke Soup, made of roasted root vegetables pureed into a thick, creamy base, then topped with raisons and olive tapenade. There’s also the Parsnip Soup with apricots; and Chilled Corn Soup with Shrimp. For the less adventurous, your little ones can’t go wrong with the yummy, kid-friendly sweet potato soup, a comfortable, soul-warming option.

3417 Connecticut Ave., NW (Cleveland Park)

Where’s your kid’s favorite spot for soup? Tell us in the Comments section below. 

—Hilary Riedemann and Jamy Bond



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