With all the running around our little (and big) ones do, sometimes it’s nice when they just stop and smell the roses. Since roses are pretty scarce these days (darn you winter!), we’ve scoped out the best yoga studios to help kiddos reconnect and enjoy being a kid.

simon-says-yogaPhoto credit: Simon Says Yoga via Facebook

Simon Says Yoga
Whether your little one is a sprout (5 – 8 years old), sapling (9-12) or tween, there’s something for everyone at Simon Says Yoga. Instructors will have your kids acting like animals in nature to learn poses, playing yoga freeze dance, learning stress relieving skills, and they might even teach your teen a thing or two about proper sleep habitats. Sounds fun, right?

4611 Sangamore Rd. (Bethesda, Md)
Online: simonsaysyoga.com

lil Omm
lil Omm is a breath of fresh air for kids needing some exercise, space and a way to control their outbursts. Mini yogis increase flexibility, improve self-esteem, and build a love of yoga at this studio. Classes range from “Jumpers & Me” (perfect for excitable toddlers) to “Kids Yoga” where older kids can explore poses, challenge their strength and try to quiet their always running minds.

4708 Wisconsin Ave.
Online: lilomm.com

min-the-mat-yogaPhoto credit: Mind the Mat Pilates and Yoga via Facebook

Mind the Mat—Mommies and Me Class
For new moms who are going stir crazy and feel like all four walls are closing in, a visit to Mind the Mat’s Mommies and Me class might just be your saving grace. Babies can snooze away while Mom does variations on yoga poses complete with babes in arms, and little ones even get a short infant massage at the end. No need to worry if baby has to be fed, changed, or burped since you’re in like company!

2214 Mount Vernon Ave. (Alexandria, Va)
Online: mindthemat.com

Organically Grown Gym—My Yoga Class
For kids with special needs, including sensory issues, Down Syndrome, balance, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy, OGG’s My Yoga class is the perfect way to help address the hurdles they might be facing. Classes focus on cognitive and communication skills using yoga combined with balance balls, hula hoops, and more. And it goes without saying that kids have a ton of fun.

1912 Olney Sandy Spring Rd. (Sandy Spring, Md)
Online: oggym.com

circle-yoga-kidsPhoto credit: Circle Yoga Coop via Facebook

Circle Yoga’s Budding Yogis
Circle Yoga’s Budding Yogis program is great for busy families who want (or need) to spend a little time together. Little ones can take classes alone or together, while their grown-ups indulge in their own yoga practice. Or, if the whole family is especially wound up, you can all relax and strengthen your spirits in a family yoga class. Together. Happily. Peacefully.

3838 Northampton St., NW
Online: circleyoga.com

If your little ones are constantly fighting about their extracurricular activities, and you only have time (or sanity) for one joint venture, then Stroga is the answer to your prayers. Stroga teaches little ones the balance of yoga, the strength of gymnastics and the power of martial arts. So no matter what your kiddos beg for…you can deliver! All in one place so everyone stays happy and your gas tank stays full.

1808 Adams Mill Rd.
Online: stroga.com

Yoga in Daily Life
Little peacemakers and bundles of energy will find an atmosphere that’s all fun and games at this kid-friendly studio. Designed to help the under-10 set stand up straight, focus, and balance in various poses, Yoga for Kids aims to give mini-yogis a lifelong love of yoga and relaxation techniques. So don’t be surprised if you find Junior doing Pranayama or Downward Dog before his next big test!

2402 Mount Vernon Ave. (Alexandria, Va)
Online: yogaindailylife.us

Does your little yogi have a favorite studio or instructor? Tell us about it in the Comments section below. 

—Hilary Riedemann