You’re the parent of a kid who can’t be contained. They don’t just want to go to the beach, they want to swim with the dolphins. A walk in the woods? Forget it. Your kids want to swing from the treetops! Not to worry; the DMV offers an abundance of heart-pumping adventures sure to satisfy even the youngest thrill-seeker. You can join in, or kick back and watch from the sidelines.

Photo: Trapeze School New York

Learn the Art of Trapeze
With a tagline that says: Forget Fear. Worry About the Addiction, you know you’re in for the ultimate thrill at Trapeze School. Inspired by the joy of flight and a passion for aerial arts, instructors here are prepared to motivate you to greater health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, all from the ease of the flying trapeze. Choose from vertical silks gymnastics, static trapeze, trampoline, Spanish web, juggling, acrobatics and more.

Trapeze School New York
1299 New Jersey Ave., SE (Navy Yard)

Face Your Fears
Perhaps it’s a different kind of thrill that gets your kid’s heart pumping: The thrill of facing your fears. If that’s the case then you’ll want to check out the Orkin Insect Zoo, a fun and interactive Smithsonian exhibit that gets you up-close-and-personal with creepy crawlers, including termites, bees, ants, spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, and more. If seeing these creatures up close isn’t thrilling enough, you can choose to hold a few Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and watch live tarantula feedings.

Orkin Insect Zoo
2nd Floor Smithsonian Natural History Museum
10th & Constitution Ave., NW

Photo: River Riders

Pick an Adventure at River Riders
Whether you prefer land, water or sky, River Riders has an adventure for you. Depending on your age, weight and level of fitness, you can take a lazy tube down the river, ride the whitewater waves in a raft or a kayak, bike the C&O Canal, take a three-hour guided zip line tour of the trees, or brave the family-friendly obstacle course known as Ariel Adventure Park (AAP). The AAP has 108 challenge course elements of varying difficulty to choose from, including zip lines, rope bridges, log bridges, and more. River Riders also offers multi-day adventures and camps to choose from.

River Riders
408 Alstadts Hill Rd. (Harpers Ferry, Wv)

Climb to the Summit of Old Rag
If you’re in for a challenging hike with a big payoff, Old Rag is your mountain. This ninemile, heart-pumping path will take you up, down, over, and between large rocks and crevices until you reach the 2,415 ft. summit for a breathtaking view of the Shenandoah Valley. We guarantee you’ll be tired by the end of it (plan on at least six hours of hiking), but you’ll also agree that the view at the summit is well worth the huff and puff of the climb.

Old Rag Mountain
Shenandoah National Park (Robertson, Va)

Photo: Urban Evolution

Experience Extreme Fun
If you find going to your local gym far from thrilling, you haven’t been to Urban Evolution. You won’t see a room full of treadmills and televisions here; Urban Evolution works hard to get you sweating through extreme activities such as Parkour; Vertical Silks Gymnastics, Breakdancing, Acro-Balancing, Freerunning, and high-intensity workout classes. There’s also laser tag and a Ninja Zone, where kids can go wild with climbing walls, rope swings, trampolines and more.

Urban Evolution
5505 Cherokee Ave. (Alexandria, Va)

Zip Through the Treetops
Defying gravity is a specialty at Terrapin Adventures where you can indulge your desire to fly through the air in a variety of ways. Terrapin takes swinging to a whole new level with their Giant Swing, where you can soar with an exhilarating 2 G’s of force as you swing back and forth over the landscape. It’s part of the Triple Thrill package that also includes gliding through the trees 30 ft. in the air from a 330 ft. zip line, and jumping from a 40 ft. drop zone. Scared? Don’t worry, you’ll be equipped with a safety harness and helmet! Choose from several thrill packages, such as the Adrenalin Rush, Soaring Heights, and Ultimate Terrapin Challenge. They all involve a stomach-dropping combination of air travel via ropes, swings and zip lines.

Terrapin Adventures
8600 Foundry St. (Savage, Md)


What activities do you do with your thrill seeking kids? Tell us in the comments below. 

–Jamy Bond