Looking to shake up your next fall outing? You are in luck! The District has one of the most infamous roller derby leagues around, The DC Roller Girls. Family-friendly and ready for action this will be one afternoon out that your kiddos won’t soon forget. dc-roller-girls-1

Armor at the Armory
Right now the place to see the DC Roller Girls, and their travel team the DC All Stars, is the Armory (take the Stadium/Armory Metro off the blue and orange line). It’s the perfect place to catch all the blood, sweat, and tears mixed with the glitter, spandex and crashing fun in one place. There are a few things to know going into a roller derby in the District.

  1. There are four teams- The Majority Whips, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells, Scare Force One and the DC Demoncats. They are an outgoing, whiplash fast bunch!
  2. There are two teams playing each game. Let your little ones find the five players per team and pick out the two basic positions, the Jammer and Blockers. First kid to spot the star on the helmet has found the Jammer. Let them know that those are the only ones who can score a goal, but only if they can jam their way through everyone else.  dc-roller-girls-2

Take Note
Be on the lookout for the DC Roller Girls Question Girl. She’s the one sportin’ fairy wings and a helmet with a question mark on it. She’ll answer any tough questions the tykes dish out during the game. It’s not just fast action; the games are super-skate speed quick. Each game consists of two 15-minute bouts.

dc-roller-girls-3Gentle Jabs for Charity
Don’t worry about full face assaults in front of the kids. No punching is allowed. Just hip and shoulder blocks and plenty of high-fives. Proceeds from each game also go to various charities so pick an afternoon that might correspond with an organization that your family would like to support.roller-derby-face-paint

Let’s Go!
Check out the schedule and get in on the action with the D.C. Roller Girls! Snacks, drinks and face painting are all extra (and totally worth it to put a cap on the bout). On your mark, get set, skate!

Cost: $12/adults; $6/kids 12 and under
Parking: Garage across the street from Armory, $15
DC Armory
2001 E Capitol St., SE
Online: dcrollergirls.com

Have you ever checked out a D.C. Roller Girls match? Tell us about it in the comments section. 

—Victoria Mason

Photos courtesy of D.C. Roller Girls via Facebook