How do you like your cookie? Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle? All soft or all crispy? Chock full of chips or just a sprinkle? We can all agree that when you have a cookie craving there’s nothing better than a freshly baked classic like chocolate chip, and the D.C. area will not let you down. Here’s where you’ll find our city’s finest chocolate chip cookies.

Photo: Lori L. Stalteri

Captain Cookie & the Milk Man
This mobile bakery gives new meaning to the term food truck. The cookies are chewy and studded with dark chocolate chips. There’s also a vegan version of chocolate chip, plus other delicious cookie flavors. You can pair your cookies with locally produced, non-GMO milk or turn two cookies into an ice cream sandwich with local, homemade ice cream. Check online to see where the truck will be parked each day, or visit the bakery on Penn Ave. near the White House.

2000 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (plus, multiple food truck locations)

Uncle Chip’s Cookies
This small mom and pop shop is a good place to score warm, chewy goodness made with real ingredients and no preservatives. Go for the classic chocolate chip, or get seriously dark with the double chocolate chip, which is chocolate dough with chocolate chips. There’s are also vegan and gluten-free versions to choose from.

1514 North Capitol St., NW

The Cakeroom
In addition to delicious cakes and cupcakes, this charming, full-service bakery has seriously delicious chocolate chip cookies. They are small, thin, warm and gooey. You can’t eat just one! Choose from classic chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip and oatmeal chocolate chip.

2006 18th St., NW

Baked & Wired
This Georgetown bakery features a self-serve cookie bar with rows of cookie jars, each sporting a different variety of freshly baked cookies. The Chocolate Chip cookie might be smaller than some, but it makes up for size with quality. Don’t stop at just one, this is a great place to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar!

1052 Jefferson St., NW (Georgetown)

Sticky Fingers Bakery
If you equate vegan with nothing delicious, you would be wrong when it comes to Sticky Fingers Sweet & Eats. Though better known for delicious cupcakes, Sticky Fingers has mastered the vegan and gluten free chocolate chip cookie as well. Slightly under baked with a chewy center, this cookie features chocolate chips made from cacao beans, with no added milk or animal products. A good choice for those with diet restrictions, but plenty good for those without.

1370 Park Rd., NW (Columbia Heights)

Buzz Bakeshop
So, how can you improve on a good chocolate chip cookie? Combine it with a cupcake! Only at Buzz can you enjoy a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake. This downright delicious combination is exactly what it sounds like, a cupcake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s a way to have your cookie and eat it too, with cake! If that’s a twist you can’t handle, they also offer a yummy classic chocolate chip cookie that’s crispy at the edge and gooey in the center. Don’t miss some of the others outrageously good pastries here.

901 Slaters Ln. (Alexandria, Va)

Where are the yummiest cookies in D.C.? Tell us in the comments section below. 

–Jamy Bond