If your kid is a train aficionado you’ve probably already partied at many of the awesome railroad museums in DC. But if they’re new to the trolley scene, the National Capital Trolley Museum might be a fresh place to celebrate their next birthday. Located in Colesville, Md, just 15 miles from downtown DC, the homespun museum offers a classroom-style gathering space and trolley rides that will have kiddos squealing almost as loudly as the wheels going around the bend.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
A quick history lesson: Trolleys were a main mode of transportation in DC until 1959 when the street car service was abandoned. Many of those original trolleys are in service at the museum. Intrepid guests will enjoy the museum’s interactive model trolley and the quaint theater that shows film footage of streetcars in action.


Get Wheel-y Creative
Comfortably fitting 45 revelers at only $150, your birthday party includes a private trolley ride and a tour of the museum. An undecorated classroom, which you are free to spruce up, is also available for your use for an extra $100. Crafts, like trolley stars or conductor hats, can be turned into costumes for the kids to wear while on their ride.


Insider tip: If you have a smaller group it may make more sense to buy individual tickets ($7 adults/ $5 children) and rent the room separately. The regular ticketed visitor gets unlimited trolley rides.

Eat and Ride
Since outside food options are spars, keep it simple with takeout from nearby Ledo Pizza and a homemade sheet cake or cupcakes (trolley-themed, of course!). There aren’t any food restrictions, but there are no ovens or microwaves to heat things up. Food is also not allowed outside of the party room.


Start Your Engines
The trolley operators are like little kids themselves; they love driving and showing off the different trolleys from around the world. The little ones feel the wind in their hair and love getting their tickets punched. Kids can hop off their trolley ride and run to the model train set up and then jump back on the next trolley.


National Capital Trolley Museum
313 Bonifant Road (Colesville, Md)
Online: dctrolley.org

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—Sonya Gavankar

Photos courtesy of Sonya Gavankar